What to Do When Only 2 Clients Turn Up to Bootcamp

What to Do When Only 2 Clients Turn Up to Bootcamp:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m not sure if you’ve hear but we’re doing or first live event in May. It’s basically a face to face course with incredible content for Personal Trainers. If you’re interested in coming, find more info here. Now, I was actually in two minds about putting this on… I was actually a little bit “nervous”…

Not about the event day.. I’m super confident, I’ve got a back ground in public speaking (Toastmasters / Sam Cawthorns Public Speaking Bootcamp)…. and I’ve actually just enrolled myself in some Stand Up Comedy Classes (starting tonight) because I want this event to be not only informative but I also want it to be FUN… and I figure if I can learn a few jokes / comedy tricks it will just make the experience so much better for all participants involved!

What I was more anxious about was putting the event on and then only 1 or 2 people register… That can be a bit depressing for anyone right? But then I thought about it a Bootcamp situation…

What would I do if I was running a Bootcamp and only 1 – 2 participants came down?

I would have run the session anyway and given those 1 or 2 participants the best experience ever in their life! I would be fun, motivating, supportive etc etc… And if I could give these 1-2 participants an amazing experience they ARE going to come back next week… they’ll probably even bring their friends… and they will probably even post all over social media how much they enjoyed the session!

So I thought screw it… I’m going do this live event and even if only 1-2 people come, I am going to give them the best experience ever in their life! Even if they enter and are like “oh, it’s just the two of us here… I thought their would be more people… wow… I’ve wasted my Sunday for this”… I would make sure that I rocked their world and gave them so much value that within the first 20-30mins their attitude changed to wow… I am so lucky I came to this… and I am even luckier it’s just two people… I am getting such a good experience… and it’s only me getting this knowledge… i’m lucky everyone else is missing out – this stuff is going to put me so ahead of everyone else not here”!

So I put it out there and sent out a group email yesterday and I actually had 9 people register immediately! So my worry about 1-2 people coming is already gone :p!

But anyways… I’m going to max this event out at 40 people… So 9 spots down 31 to go :)! At the moment i’m just advertising to my Email List / Community Facebook Group but once I put it out there on a Facebook Ad, the spots will fill up pretty quick. So if you’re interested i’d recommend registering ASAP! Because too be honest… I’m not sure if i’m ever going to do this again…

Again if you’re interested in coming, click here. I’ll see you next week with another week of blogs at Fitness Education Online.