3-Station Circuit Workout for Bootcamp

3-Station Circuit Workout for Bootcamp

G’day guys! It’s Travis here today. The day has finally arrived! Tonight it’s the school show and my year 3 class will be dancing and performing. As I was saying a few weeks ago, I’m a primary school teacher and we have this school show which is happening tonight at 7 pm. The theme is creativity and the concept I have chosen is music as an artistic expression and how we’ve listened to, shared and socialise with music throughout history. Starting from the 50s, moving to the 80’s and then ending with 2000. So the kids will be dancing to: The twist for the 50s, Smooth criminal for the 80s and Happy for the 2000. I think school shows are a great opportunity for parents to see their kids in action and also a great opportunity to have some fun and let kids be kids. Backstage we have suspenders, Michael Jackson’s silver sparkly hats and happy colourful t-shirts. PS: the glittery party hats was a bad idea, note to self: glitter sticks everywhere!

Anyways, today I’d like to share with you a 3-station circuit workout using sleds, sandbags, kettlebells and battleropes. We’ll stay 3 minutes in each station, and we’ll do 2 laps for the whole circuit. The rope will be the timer for all the other exercises.

-Sled push (30 meters)
-15 squats with sandbag
-Sled backwards drag (30 meters)
-15 squats with sandbag.

-Kettlebell deadlift walks to halfway (15 meters)
-15 kettlebell swings
-Kettlebell lunge walks (rest of the way – 15 meters)
-15 kettlebell swings

Station 3: ROPE (5 rounds: 25 secs on, 10 secs off)
-Round 1: Double low waves
-Round 2: Alternating waves
-Round 3: Star jumps
-Round 4: Alternating waves with a side lunge
-Round 5: Big power slams

Check out the full workout below:

That is all for today, thank your for watching and now I’d love to hear from you. What combinations would you do for a 3-station circuit workout? Comment below. If you want to get 5 Tips to Grow Your Bootcamp for FREE click here.