4 Benefits of Using Kettlebells for Bootcamp

4 Benefits of Using Kettlebells for Bootcamp

Happy Monday to you all! I hope had a great weekend. It’s Jono here from Fitness Education Online with another incredible blog full of ideas to grow your Bootcamp and your business.

I had an AWESOME weekend myself. I went to a free seminar here in Sydney and heard Sam Crawford speak! He was incredible and I registered for his public speaking program! I’m super excited – you got to let me know if you find my speaking improves! 🙂

As you know already, I’m a HUGE fan of Kettlebells! If you’re an Outdoor Personal Trainer or Bootcamp Instructor, Kettlebells are your bread and butter! Hence the reasons why I love them.

Here are my 4 reasons for loving Kettlebells

1: Weight: You can simply use them as “weights”. You can add extra weight to your squats, lunges, presses etc. and it’s much more comfortable and versatile.

2: Ballistic Movements: Not only can you use them as “weights” for strict movements but you can also use them for your ballistic or power movements (e.g. swings). Ballistic movements are AWESOME because they offer a different way to gain strength and also increase the heart rate for that cardio effect.

3: Portable: They are so compact and with that little handle they are so EASY to carry around! You can easily carry a couple of 12kgs Kettlebells from your car to the park or school gym. Way easier than carrying medballs or powerbags with the same weight. TRX’s are obviously super portable too, but you need somewhere to hang them. Kettlebells, in contrast, can be used anywhere!

4: Posterior Chain: In Bootcamp we usually program so many squats and push-ups that it becomes ESSENTIAL to balance it out with posterior chain exercises. The Kettlebell Swing is the PERFECT posterior chain exercise to balance out the squat – nothing else comes close! No matter how many bridges, donkey kicks etc. you do – it can’t match the Kettlebell Swing! Kettlebells are also great for Bent Over Rows – which are the PERFECT posterior chain exercise to balance out push-ups.

If you are not using Kettlebells, then you’re missing out on all the above! I recommend every trainer get themselves trained in Kettlebells. Most importantly so you can ensure that you and your clients are using correct technique (as some of the movements can be more technical) and also to have an extra “tool” in your toolbox! There is a BIG difference between someone who’s learnt Kettlebells by watching a few people at the gym and someone who’s completed a Kettlebell certification course!

PS: If you’re a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor and keen to up skill when it comes to using Kettlebells in your sessions, I recommend checking out our Kettlebell Certification CEU Courses! On completion of the courses you will receive 2.0 NASM CEUs and 20 AFAA CEUs.

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