4x4x4 And Tabata Style

Author: Mark Pearce

It’s very common for bootcamps to have names built around numbers. The main reason for this is so
the instructors don’t get confused haha. BUT another benefit is you want to keep things as simple as
possible for the member, especially in terms of counting reps and rounds. Due to the nature of
medium to large group sizes, it would be impossible for the instructor to note what rep number each
member is on.

This session is split into 2 workouts, both having set timeframes that are repetitive and easy to

WORKOUT 1 – 4X4X4 (16 mins approx.)
4 circuits with 4 exercises, 4 reps for 4 min AMRAP.

The set up involves lining up your group in a line with a designated area approximately 20 meters ahead of them. Timer starts and for 4 mins the group work through 4 reps of each exercise with the run just a sprint to the line 20 metres in front.  When they get to run again just run back to the original line.

Training Notes;

  • Although timings of the sessions basically run themselves if you set up a timer, its vital the instructor is on the ball with checking everyone’s form and technique as there is a lot going on at once, with everyone moving at different speeds.
  • I tend to do this session as one group i.e. all completing circuit 1 before moving on to circuit 2 but you could divide your group up to complete different circuits at different times.


This workout is completed as one group and involves 6 pairs of exercises.  Each pair is completed with Tabata timing i.e. one exercise for 20 seconds, the second for 10 seconds, and for 6 rounds (3 mins each pair).  It builds on basic core movements for strength and conditioning is well as working on ‘time under tension’ to progress the member further.

The 6 pairs of exercises are…

Training Notes;

To break it down to explain how it runs…

Pair 1…

20 seconds = squats

10 seconds = squat hold

20 seconds = squats

10 seconds = squat hold

20 seconds = squats

10 seconds = squat hold

REST FOR 60-90 seconds then move to Pair 1.

Training Notes;

  • I’ve chosen 6 rounds of 6 pairs of exercises but obviously, you can play around with that depending on the time left.  For example, you can add in a couple more pairs or increase the rounds of each pair to make this workout last longer or decrease the pairs/rounds to shorten it and use it more as a sort of sharp finisher with more intense exercises.

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