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At Fitness Education Online our aim is to provide the highest quality online professional development courses.


The goal of our courses is to further develop all participants’ skills, knowledge and abilities across every area of the fitness industry.


Our courses are recognised by leading fitness course providers in US, including high profile institutions like Fitness US & CEUs.


This recognition means that CEU points earned through our fitness courses are transferable, making our online fitness courses even more useful for those who take them.

CEU Courses From Industry Professionals

Our fitness courses have been designed by personal trainers with a combined 15 years experience in the field, including degrees in Exercise Physiology and Education.

We will provide you with the highest quality course work material and support to give you the skills required to build and run a successful fitness business.

Everything we teach combines the latest in personal training trends with hard earned experience to create a complete professional development solution.


Our team spend time researching the latest developments in personal training to help you stay ahead in a highly competitive industry.

While there are more and more Australians recognising the importance of staying fit and healthy, there are also a lot more people attempting to become personal trainers.

To take advantage of the wave of fitness focused people, you need to be at the forefront of personal training.

We believe in the importance offering your PT clients a unique, challenging and fun fitness experience, and our courses can help you do just that.


Find Out More About Our CEU Fitness Courses

The team at Fitness Education US are ready to help you expand your personal training business!

With a focus on delivering great courses to Americans, no matter where they are, we’re able to help our clients grow their industry knowledge without having to journey anywhere or site in a classroom. With the convenience of Fitness Education Online, your professional development is made simple, and fun!

Contact us today to discuss what’s included in our online offerings, we want to drive your success.

Jono Petrohilos & Travis Mattern

  • Co-Founders at Fitness Education Online
  • Authors of the Bootcamp Blueprint Book
  • Degrees in Exercise Physiology and Education
  • More than 15 years experience in the field
  • New Zealand’s Educator of the Year 2019 Nominee
  • Fitness Australia’s Educator of the Year 2020 Awardee
  • NASM/AFAA Course Provider

International Fitness Presenters

FILEX, Sydney 2016

FITEX, Auckland, NZ 2017

FITEX, Auckland, NZ 2017

Fitness First, Sydney 2018

Fitness First, Sydney 2018

Fitex, Christchurch NZ 2018

Fitex, Christchurch NZ 2018

FITEX, Auckland, NZ 2018

FITEX, Auckland, NZ (2019)

FITEX, Auckland,NZ 2019

Melbourne Fitness Expo, 2019

Fitness First, Sydney 2019


FILEX 2020

Filex 2021

Filex 2021

FITM, Malaysia

Filex 2021

FEO Workshop

Sydney, 2017

FEO Workshop

Melbourne, VIC 2018

FEO Workshop

Brisbane 2018

Melbourne 2019

FEO Workshop

Melbourne 2019

FEO Workshop

Sydney 2019

Authors of the #1 Book for Fitness Professionals


For Personal Trainers & Bootcamp Instructors

Australia’s leading bootcamp trainers, Jono Petrohilos and Travis Mattern teach their proven bootcamp blueprint that works every time!

Combining the latest research with more than a decade of real world experience as fitness professionals running successful and profitable bootcamps, Jono and Travis have cracked the code on how to market, run, and grow your bootcamp to industry-leading standards.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our students (personal trainers just like you) are saying about us. Our wide range of courses, workouts, drills, and games have helped them develop exercise programs that are fun, safe, and effective.

The support that they’ve offered has been fantastic. My course is booked solid.


20 new customers & 12-16 people turning up every night of the week!


thumb_02_60_60Justine says…

“It’s amazing how many different exercises you can do with a battlerope. I enjoyed learning about all of them. All the information I needed was in the course material. I found it very helpful.”

thumb_01_60_60Michelle says…


“Thank you that is amazing, i have done some of these but i love the way you have explained and video demo for it. I love incorporating games. This has really helped me.”

thumb_03_60_60Mark says…


“Outstanding – I emailed 4 courses providers on the weekend over Xmas break. I did not expect any responses. However, I got an email response from Jonathon almost immediately.”

thumb_02_60_60Emma says…


“I just want to say thank you so much for your amazing stuff. It’s already revolutionised my business and reignited my passion for PT!”

thumb_01_60_60Scott says…


“10/10! I was not looking for someone to tell me to just do something. I found the personal touches like calling clients prior and after session to be very useful.”

thumb_03_60_60Andrea says…


“Informative and easy to navigate, the course was helpful in all aspects of helping to improve my business. I will be doing more courses with you”

thumb_02_60_60Jess says…

“Only 2 weeks in and thanks to fitness education online iv gone from 10 direct debit bootcamp clients to 26 and 6 new PT clients. I had been struggling for months before now with a brand new hyped up gym opening near me. I almost shut my business down. Well not anymore. Onwards and upwards to reach 50 new direct debit clients is my next goal. I cant wait to keep studying.”

thumb_01_60_60Tracey says…


“Hey jono not sure if you remember but I messaged you about me doing an info session for my first Bootcamp ever and you rang me with some advice. Well 23 turned up for info session and 22 have paid in advance and One apologized stating she would live to do it however she feels her body was not up to it. First session tomorrow morning, yay. Thank you thank you thank you.”

thumb_03_60_60Ashy says…


“Ashy Bines here! I’ve known Jono from Fitness Education Online for a long time now and we’ve worked pretty closely together in the past and he knows a thing or two about running a successful bootcamp! If you’re trainer looking to grow your Bootcamp i’d definitely recommend talking to Jono- easy going ,fun and doesnt complicate things!”