BEST marketing strategy for Personal Trainers

BEST marketing strategy for Personal Trainers:

Hi Guys! It’s Jono here today. How was your weekend? Mine was AMAZING! I attended a 3 Day Speaking Bootcamp (12 hours per day) at the Speakers Institute with Australia’s best Public Speaker – Sam Crawthorn. I took so much out of the event and I want to share it with you over the next couple of days so you can also get the benefits!
My biggest take away was “story”. Sam has a saying “whatever it is you do, these days I’m pretty sure I could find out everything you know on google… FOR FREE… So why would I pay you for it?”
And I believe that to be true, especially for fitness! The fitness industry is flooded with 1000000’s of trainers (or people that “claim” to be trainers) selling and giving away exactly what you do, FOR FREE or super cheap! How can you compete?

The answer is through your “story” because that’s something that’s unique to you! There’s going to be people that connect to YOU and want to train with YOU because of your story! and no-one’s story is “better” than anyone else’s. Everyone’s different and what motivates me, may not motivate you. What inspires you, may not inspire me, but your story will inspire someone and that is why it’s so important to share it!

This is so essential to any marketing that you do! If all your doing is promoting “your bootcamp” or “how to lose weight” etc… It’s only going to get you so far… Your competing against so many other people… But if you can share your story… in a personal, motivating and inspiring way – you’re in a league of your own… You’re not competing against anyone else because no-one else has your story!

“Your story” doesn’t necessarily have to be “weight loss” or “fitness based”… Anything that you’ve done – where you’ve had a goal and overcome adversity to reach that goal… You’ve taken a plunge that majority of people wouldn’t take and you’ve come out better for it! That’s inspiration and that’s what people want / need to hear to motivate them to take the next step!

If you’re in the stage of your life now… Where you want to inspire people with how you run your bootcamp… I’d strongly recommend looking at our Bootcamp Specialist course! It can add to your story… Something along the lines of…

“I really wanted to take my bootcamp to the next level… I wanted to help as many people as possible and I wanted to give them the best possible experience… and there was this course I wanted to do… but it cost a bit of money… and it would taken a bit of time… but I thought screw it… I’m going to invest in myself… make myself the best possible version of me I can be… so I spent the money, invested the time, worked hard at it and now I have the most successful bootcamp in the area… Through hard work, determination and never giving up”

That story will inspire /motivate people to make a change in their lives (and join your program) – people think exactly the same about Fitness “I want to do it but it’s going to cost money” or “I want to do it but I don’t have time”… If you can give them a story where you’ve overcome something similar – they will connect with you more! instead of you just saying “invest in yourself.. it’s worth it”… You can say “invest in yourself… I’ve recently done it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”!

That’s all for today guys! I hope this post inspires you to tell your story and connect with more people. Be sure to check our 5 Tips to Grow Your Bootcamp for FREE here.