Burn More Fun!

Burn More Fun!

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. “It’s just as much about the banter as it is the actual session” was a quote a heard from a trainer last night! I 100% agree and have based my whole Bootcamp philosophy on it… Even if your session is the most scientifically proven way to burn fat… If it’s boring and you’re boring… no-one is going to come back and they are not going to burn any fat… BUT if you can make your session fun (while still being safe and effective) then all your clients are going to WANT to come to training and will burn more fun! Just thought i’d share!

Anyways… I want to continue talking about a VIP membership program that I believe every trainer should have for their clients… The biggest advantage of this program is definitely the easiest thing to sell online!

With social media (especially Instagram) – you’re going to get a lot of followers from all around the world… and if you don’t have something online to offer them then:
a) you’re missing out on profiting from your following
b) Your followers are missing out – because they can’t physically attend your bootcamp so they don’t do anything…

BUT… If you have a low ticket offer like a $30 a month membership site… You can put together a little special (e.g. register today and get your first month for $1)… It’s an easy sell… e.g.

a) Someone follows you on Instagram
b) You send them a direct message “Hey, thanks for the follow! Appreciate the support – I give all my followers a free copy of my 10 best booty workouts for woman, would you like a copy?”
c) You then email them the copy and follow up the next 3 days with 3 follow up emails with some “tips” and a link to register for your membership site for $1.

If they like your Instagram, they like your content – then it’s a no brainier that they sign up for $1 special! If the content on your membership site and your membership Facebook Group is good then they are going to stay in there and pay $30 a month forever! Does that make sense?

Either way – if this is something that interests you, I would strongly recommend checking out our VIP membership program… It will give you a good idea of how to run a membership program :)!

TODAYS SPECIAL: Fitness Education VIP Membership
Current Special: $30 a month – cancel anytime
Todays Special: $1 for your first month – cancel anytime
Note: register today and use “tip” as your coupon code and you’ll get your first month for $1 (cancel anytime)

Our VIP membership will give you access to our membership site which contains
– All of our bootcamp drills, workouts and games
– All of our Kettlebell teaching techniques, exercise demo’s and workouts
– All of our Suspension teaching techniques, exercise demo’s and workouts
– All our Battlerope teaching techniques, exercise demo’s and workouts
– All of our Boxing workouts, Nutrition Tips for PTs and Sales and Marketing strategies
– All of our recommendations for Online Personal Trainers
– Interviews with trainers who are currently running Bootcamps with over 50clients who share how they did it
– Interviews with experts in bootcamp, sales, marketing, instagram and facebook

All of this for just $1! You can literally just do it for a month and then if you don’t enjoy it – cancel us before the next payment is made!