Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp

Cardio Boxing for Bootcamp:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here. How was your weekend? Mine was really cool! I met up with a friend yesterday who’s been having a bit of a rough time and trying to get back into regular exercise. He told me how much he loves “cardio boxing” and how apart from walking – that’s pretty much the only exercise he really enjoys and looks forward to! I think that’s common with a lot of people – which is why I think it’s essential every Trainer has decent boxing skills!

When I started working at a gym and one of pre-requisites to that role was that I was able to cover the Cardio Boxing classes if needs be. At that stage – I had never taught a group boxing class and didn’t have any certs for it, so I decided to dive in head first and started training kickboxing, to not only understand the fundamentals but so that I was confident to run a cardio boxing class.

The next step was to book into a specific Cardio Boxing course. Because I knew what it was like to be a participant and I also wanted to learn how to train other people and train them in a group setting.

From there, I was pretty comfortable for a year or two. I knew the basics and some cool drills, but that only got me so far! But what was bugging me was, I kept repeating similar drills over and over again.

However, I wanted to make sure I was better than basic, so I began jumping more into my kickboxing and Muay Thai. Training with an Australian pro MMA fight with over 40 professional fights.

This helped me a lot because I learnt HEAPS and I was much more confident! I was pretty confident I knew just as much if not more than any participant in there because not only did I have the fitness background, I also had 12 months of training twice a week with a PRO fighter! Even if a mean boxer did come into the class – I could still “connect” with them because of my experience! That was a big missing link for me!

From here… I still

a) Regular participate in Cardio Boxing classes – I’ve got a couple good friends that teach them so I participate every month or so and pick up some drills, workouts and teaching tips from there!

b) I still do a short “Boxing for Fitness” course every couple of years or so. Just to pick up different drills, workouts and teaching tips!

Anyways… With all this I am now super confident with any Cardio Boxing session and have unlimited workouts and drills! I recommend every trainer do pretty much what I’ve done / do above… BUT if you want a short cut… I’ve put everything I’ve learnt in a mini online course:Boxing Workouts for Personal Trainers and Bootcamp

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