Which celebrity uses Kettlebells? You’ll never guess!

Which celebrity uses Kettlebells? You’ll never guess!

Hi guys! How are you? It’s Jono here today. [ NO SPOILERS ] What I’m about to share with you will not spoil anything for you. Just a heads up!

You’ll never guess what I saw on Saturday night! I was at Parramatta watching Jigsaw (the latest movie in the Saw franchise) and there was a scene showing off “Jigsaw’s” torture room (where he has all those torture traps) and there was a set of old school Kettlebells in the room! Next to “swords”, “drills”, “hammers”, “bear traps” and there was a set of Kettlebells in the room!

I don’t know whether they just put a set in the room because they actually look like a torture device or if Jigsaw has a game where he makes you do a mean Kettlebell AMRAP and if you don’t finish “you lose”! If you’re going to watch the movie – check it out!

Anyways, talking about Kettlebells the most common technique I use to fix up someone’s technique is the “bum to the wall”. If someone is untrained they just don’t get how to hinge at the hips and this drill will fix the problem! If you haven’t seen the bum to the wall technique – check out the link below!

Click here to see Travis’ drill “Bum to The Wall”

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