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What to Do When your Client Can’t keep a Neutral Spine

What to Do When your Client Can’t keep a Neutral Spine:

Hi guys it’s Jono here today. I’m just going over my notes from the Stuart Zadel conference on the weekend! Another big take away I got was the “Law of Reciprocity”. Stuart’s philosophy is that if you give someone something of value – sooner or later that value is going to come back to you! It may be from that person… It may be from someone else… But sooner or later – you’re going to get that value back! So if you want to grow your business and make more sales… Then give more people more value!

An easy way to give people more value is to “learn” more. The more you know – the more you can help someone OR the more people you can help! That’s why i’m such a big fan of learning!

Anyways… On that note… I want to share a tip you can use to help clients with their Kettlebell technique! The most common issue I see when beginners start using Kettlebells is they can’t keep a neutral spine! This can be hard to teach because as Trainers, we are usually pretty athletic and aware of our bodies – so we automatically know what “neutral spine” means… However clients don’t have a clue what that means! I always used to struggle to teach clients this… Until Travis taught me the drill below!

Click here to see Travis’ drill “How to keep a Neutral Spine while Swinging”
(Note: This is also works for any exercise where you need to keep a neutral spine… e.g. Bent Over Row, Deadlift, Push Up, Plank etc)

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