Don’t do this exercise… Can you guess it?

Don’t do this exercise… Can you guess it?

Hi guys! It’s Jono and Travis here today. We wanted to continue on our blog about “posterior chain” exercises and how they are hard to incorporate into Bootcamp. Last time, we gave some easy examples of lower body posterior chain (gluts and hamstring) exercises you can use with Kettlebells so today i wanted to give some upper body examples :)!

1: Kettlebell Bent Over Row: This exercise is nothing new… It’s probably one of the first dumbbell / barbell exercises we learnt in our Certificates! I actually prefer it with a Kettlebell – there’s something about the handle on a Kettlebell that makes it comfortable than a barbell / dumbbell. I pretty much include this exercise whenever i bring a Kettlebell to training because it’s the EXACT opposite to push up! In bootcamp – it’s so easy to includes push ups in your work out so i always balance it out with a Kettlebell Bent Over Row!

2: Kettlebell Upright Row: This is probably the most common Kettlebell exercise you see the posterior chain and i actually DON’T recommend it! Me personally – my shoulder doesn’t feel good when i do an Upright Row, so i did some research and found that half the population probably shouldn’t be doing an Upright Row as they don’t have the strength / mobility in their shoulders! So my recommendation – if you’ve got a 1 on 1 PT client and you KNOW they have the strength and mobility and you can watch every rep than go for it… But in a Bootcamp setting i recommend AGAINST it – do the bent over row instead!

3: Incline Kettlebell Renegade Row: This is a little tricky to explain but basically imagine you holding a plank on a “bench” (on an include – like you were doing incline push ups). You then grab a Kettlebell and “row” it up (like a cross between a Renegade Row and a Bent Over Row)! It’s a good variation if you don’t want to ALWAYS do the Bent Over Row!

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Anyways there just a couple of the “do’s” and “don’t” of Kettlebell Training. Remember to sing up for our 10 Tips to Grow Your Bootcamp for FREE click here.