Ep 88: How Fitpro’s can have more money, time and impact with Cass J!

Fitness Professional for over 15 years and have had a highly successful fitness career.
She started teaching people how to become qualified as personal trainers 6 years ago coordinating Certificate III and IV in Fitness deliveries in South Australia.

Mind Vault Collection was born from her immense desire to support their students as they transition from PT school into the world of running their own business.

The Mind Vault courses will give you all the help a high-end (very expensive) business coach would give you at a very cash flow friendly price.
It will also help you work on your mindset and organisational habits so that you can have more focus, drive, confidence and achieve more each day.

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14 days to Fast Track your Fitness Business http://www.mindvault.com.au/48hours

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