Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram?

Hi guys! How are you? It’s Jono here today. So I was hanging out with my Dad this morning and he told me how he downloaded Instagram! If you haven’t met my dad before he is 65 and super old school and traditional. He’s a retired Maths teacher! But apparently “all his friends are telling him Instagram is better than Facebook” so he should download it… HAHAHA!

Now if you’re reading this and thinking… “Jono, that’s cute and all… but I don’t really care about your what Dad does on Instagram”… Then let me put a clinch on it!

My dad called me 5 minutes ago and said he’d purchased a whole stack of Greek music CD’s. I asked where he got them from and he said he was searching “Greek Music” as a hashtag and followed a few people… One of the accounts sent him a message (which I guess was automated) with a link and discount code if he bought the CD’s today and he bought them! So within a couple hours of my Dad downloading Instagram – he’d already bought something from there!

I find that fascinating! Just thinking how many people in the world are doing that! Downloading Instagram today (or using it for the firs time because their friend told them too)… following a few people and then buying something then and there just because they got an automated message! No cost for a fancy website or SEO’s / Google ranking / Facebook Ads…
I recommend every Trainer do the exact same thing… Which is basically!

Make yourself be found!
a) When you post a photo use hashtags that you think potential clients will search! You get up to 30 hashtags so use all of them! Use at least 5 “local suburbs” as your hashtags
b) “Check In” with every photo – even if you’re not somewhere fancy like the gym or a the trendy cafe… check in at your local suburb… you never know who’s going to be scrolling in there

Find other people that are potential clients
c) Search certain hashtags yourself that you think potential clients will use! Search those 5 suburbs that you use as your hashtag! Like, comment and DM potential clients from there!
d) Search “check ins” in your local area / at your local gym! If someone has checked in there – chances are they live / work there and are ideal clients! Like, comment DM potential clients from there!

Convert these clients
e) Set up automated messages – so once someone follows you they get an automated message with some call to action!
The advantage of all 5 of those things – they don’t really take any extra work! If you’re posting photo’s on there already – just make sure you check in and use the hashtags! And then spend 5-10mins just commenting on people that checked in on your local area… And then private messages are automated!

Anyways. If you’re not sure how to do any of this, check our Bootcamp and Social Media courses. Also remember to sing up to get our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.

That is it for today guys, let me know in the comments below what you think. I’ll see you soon!