Facebook Shortcuts: The easy way!

Facebook Shortcuts: The easy way!

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. Please tell me you watched Game of Thrones on Monday. If you don’t know I’m a HUGE fan and the last episode was one of my all-time favourites!!!!

Anyways… I want to continue on from where we left off on Monday with my Facebook Ads journey.

I’d boosted a few posts and put a few ads together and literally got ZERO leads / clients from it. I was about to give up, but I had just heard so much about Facebook Ads and how effective they were that I wanted to give it one more shot.

I searched around and found a Facebook Ads expert. He was really good at what he did and worked with a lot of Personal Trainers. The only issue was that his fee was $5 000 per month! This was a problem because:

A) I didn’t have that money
B) Even if I did have it, it’s is a lot of money to pay someone. At that stage, the most money I’d ever spent on something was my car which was a $2 000 1998 Honda Civic.

Anyways, I had a think about it and justified it to myself by analyzing that I was running a Bootcamp for $50 a week x 12 weeks, so each client was $600. If I could get just 9 new clients over the course of a year I was going to make a profit. I thought that if I was paying 5k, I was surely going to get at least 9 new clients out of it. So, I scrambled and came up with about half of it and paid the rest on a payment plan with the trainer for the other half.

I was super excited and worked with him for a month. Setting up funnels and landing pages and pixels and all the rest of it. My ads looked good and all the back end procedures were in place. BUT, I had got zero clients from it!

So, by this stage, I was a little upset. I felt ripped off. The expert told me he wasn’t ready to give up on me and that we were going to try one last thing which he was super confident it’d work.

We tried this “one last thing” and I had 9 people register in the next 3 days (so I had made my money back plus profit)! And I’ve been using this strategy ever since!

I’ll delve into the strategy a little more on my next blog. But if you’re keen to learn it in detail PLUS more, Brenda, our social media manager is going to do a FREE training for our VIP members this month: “How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads”.

At Fitness Education Online over the past few years, we’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook Ad coaches and we personally have spent thousands of dollars every month on Facebook Ads. Brenda will summarise all that in this month’s training!

If you’re keen to do this free training and you’re not a VIP, check out our Fitness Education VIP Membership