FILEX 2019: 9 Sessions You Can’t Miss

Our Top Picks for FILEX 2019

It’s that time of the year! FILEX is coming up this week from Thursday 11th April until Sunday 14th of April 2019. We can?t wait to attend and do some serious learning in the heart of Sydney at the conventions centre in Darling Harbour.

FILEX is an annual fitness conference, powered by Fitness Australia. For 30 years, the epicenter of the Australian Fitness Industry has been the FILEX fitness convention. We?re super excited to go to Filex this year and we?ve been going for the past 5 years and we always come back with an incredible amount of ideas and takeaways. We truly recommend going if you can and the great news is that it?s tax deductible, so you can save a few bucks.

There?s 3 of us going this year from the Fitness Education Online team: Jono, Travis and Brenda. If you see us around, come and say hi. Today we?d like to share with you our top 3 sessions that we?ll be attending and why we think it?s an important session to go to.

Jono?s Top Picks:

Number 1: Science of Play: why a fun session goes beyond exercise: Guillaume?Tual?

I find there?s two common schools of thought when it comes to exercise:

  • Exercise isn?t meant to be fun, but if you want to stay healthy, you need to do it. So, just do it!?
  • Exercise should be fun… you should do it because you enjoy?itand, as a?result,?you?ll be healthy!?

I?m a big believer in number 2!?So,?any session that covers ?fun? or ?play? I?m in! And if it has science to back it up! Even better!?

A little secret I?ve found, the more ?fun? your clients have during the sessions, the more?likely?they are going to keep training with you. The more likely they are going to keep training with?you, the better their results are going to be.

Number 2: Become?The?Ultimate Hybrid Personal Trainer: Nadia Norman?

I?m a huge fan of social media, apps and the online world, but I?m an even bigger fan of interacting with someone face to face. If you can combine both and give me the best of both?worlds and?I?m in!?

A little secret I?ve found? We only really see our clients once, twice, maybe 3 times if we are lucky a week? there?s only so close and so much you can help someone seeing them for 2 ? 3 hours a week? If you add the only side of things? All of a sudden, there?s a lot more touch points!??

Number 3: Revamp your Bootcamp: Marc?Lebert?

I?ve dedicated my life learning every single trick in the book when it comes to running a?bootcamp??So?there?s no way I?m missing this!?

Travis? Top Picks:

Number 1: Strength Matters Pre-Con

Having seen and heard James Breese speak in the past I am look forward to spending a day learning from him and his Strength Matters systems. His system is a high end individualised online training program revolving around athletic performance. I?m looking forward to seeing how his systems are set up and learning how he has been able to create a high end online training system to improve athletic performance.

Number 2: The DNA of a World Champion

Jesse ?The Monsta? Williams is an Australian superbowl champion. There aren?t many of those around and the opportunity to hear them speak for an hour or so is also pretty rare. Now I?m not a massive NFL fan, but I appreciate the level the athletes have to be at in order to reach the top of the sport. Hearing him speak training, recovery, mindset, etc should be interesting. He has also had to overcome some major personal health issues along the way.? Looking forward to it!

Number 3: Stronger, Faster, Higher: Increasing Movement Efficiency

Ian O?Dwyer, is someone who I?ve never actually got to see despite always wanting to check out his sessions. They?ve always clashed with our own sessions or something else. If you haven?t noticed by now athletic performance is my key fitness interest and I know a lot of smart people who look up to Ian O?Dwyer. So I?m very much looking forward to attending this session of his.

Brenda?s Top Picks:

Number 1: Retention essentials for members and clients – Paul Brown

I?m a huge fan of Paul Brown aka Mr Retention, I?ve seen him speak in New Zealand and Australia at many different conventions and he really knows his stuff. We?ve also had the pleasure to chat to him and show him a few of our Social Media tricks, so he?s also a really nice guy.

But the real reason why I picked this as one of my top 3 sessions to attend, is because retention if a key component in any business? success. You can be great at getting leads, selling on the phone and getting new clients, but if you don?t know how to build a relationship with your existing clients and how to get them to stick with you for the long run, all your other efforts feel like a bottomless pit.

As it?s described in the session description: ?the loyalty and longevity of each and every customer can make or break you. Mr Retention, Paul Brown shares the latest evidence-based strategies from around the world to help propel your business to the next level of growth and profitability?. I?m really looking forward to learning more about this.

Number 2: Consistency Works! Big Business Strategies Applied to Small Business to achieve Success – Mish Wright

I?m a true believer of leverage. Why would you go and spend days, months or even years!! Researching, trying and testing things when you can actually learn from someone who?s done it already and has a shortcut. Sign me up for that!

In this session Mish will talk about the business practice of ?Kaizen?. As it?s described in the session promo ?the Kaizen approach can increase productivity and profitability of all businesses. From this enlightening session you?ll explore Kaizen and its potential application to your fitness business, regardless of its size or current level of success?.

Have you ever been to one of these conventions and found an interesting topic, you showed up but the actual presentation wasn?t that great and you feel like you could have learned more by going to your second best session choice? Let me tell you, Mish Wright is a renowned fitness business leader and a promoter of women health. I?ve seen her present at New Zealand several times and I never get enough of her sessions, so I?ll know she?ll bring it and it?ll be one of my favourites.

Number 3: Mummy Master class ? Adapting your current training sessions for your mum-clients – Jen Dugard

Most group sessions or bootcamps are filled with female participants. And generally speaking, a good number of women will be pre or post-natal, and mums at some stage in their life. Which is why Women health is very important and at times overlooked, specially when it comes to pre and post-natal clients.

I?m pregnant myself at the moment, and a funny and horrible story at the same time, was when I was in Hawaii last month on our way over to a marketing convention in San Diego. I turned up to a yoga class and the teacher asked me to leave because I was pregnant, and she didn?t know how to adjust the exercises. I?ve never felt so rejected in my life!!! I wanted to cry (and I don?t think I could blame it on the crazy hormones), I felt like I was discriminated against for being pregnant. Not very ?namaste? if you ask me.

I think every trainer should do a course on pre and post-natal anyways but attending presentations or seminars on the topic to get more familiarized with women?s health for all stages of their lives, is very important.

We hope you find this information useful if you?re struggling to pick your own sessions to this year?s FILEX event. Let us know what your top 3 picks for this FILEX in the comments are down below!