Happy FILEX 🙂

If you’re new to the fitness industry FILEX (powered by Fitness Australia) is the biggest highlight of the Fitness Industry calendar and the COVID-19 pandemic was never going to stop it happening ;)!

It may be held virtually instead of the Darling Harbour convention centre – but that just makes it more convenient! I was originally thinking of purchasing a new of Everlast pants for the event but now that it’s held virtually. I can watch all the presentations in the comfort of my own home without even having to worry about putting any pants on!

Every year, I like to share my top session picks, So here are my tips for 2020 🙂

DAY 1:

1. Online Coaching 101: How to Coach People Online and Get Extraordinary Results: Jordan Syatt

Online Coaching is still in its infancy – so any tips I can pick up here i’ll be happy with! Plus Jordan Syatt used to be Gary Vee’s Personal Trainer and i’m a huge Gary Vee fan!

2. Movement Restoration Blueprint: Dan Henderson

Dan The Coaches Coach Henderson is widely regarded as Australia’s top Fitness Coach when it comes to coaching other Fitness Coaches, how to coach their clients!

And i’m not just saying this because I want my SEO to pick up the word coach! This guy knows his stuff!

3. Creating Rockstar Online Instructors: Emma Masters?

Running a Group Exercise session online is COMPLETELY different to running one in the Group Fitness studio! Some of the skills will cross over but you’re also going to need a whole new skill set! So i’m excited to see what Emma is going to recommend here!

DAY 2:

Business Planning for the Post Quarantine Period: Billy Polson

If there’s one thing that’s certain in these uncertain times It’s that even after quarantine. It’s going to take the world a while to bounce back And we’re going to have to prepare for that And if Billy can give me a few tips I’m listening 🙂

Boost Retention with Online Challenges: Jono Petrohilos and Travis Mattern

This is an obvious choice not only are these men the best presenters in the world and presenting an amazing topic but Jono is also one of the best looking people in the world.. He’s also known as the Greek Australian Ryan Gossling!

And you should also check out all the Fitness Australia CEC courses these guys have to offer at

29 Strategies to Catapult your Business to New Heights: Justin Tamsett

I would have settled for one But if Justin can give me 29, I’m in!

This guy is another legit presenter who has been in the industry a LONG time and knows every trick in the book!


If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet – just head over to the FILEX website and register there!

If you’re a Fitness Australia member – you’ll get a discounted rate and you’ll also receive 10 Fitness Australia CECs!