Fun & Effective Bootcamp Games & Workout Ideas

Running bootcamps are a great way to get in a rigorous but fun and rewarding workout experience. Plus, many individuals love attending bootcamps as it gives a sense of camaraderie between participants as they are all there to push themselves to do better.

The main challenge is finding the right games and workout ideas for you bootcamp that will keep your participants engaged and give them the intensity and challenge they desire. So, here we have some simple ideas you can use to help structure your next bootcamp.

Warm Up

Always start your bootcamp with a minimum 5 minute warm up. A lot of Bootcamp Instructors / Trainers want to make the “game” their warm up. However you’re best off doing a warm up before the game to allow for any latecomers! There’s nothing worse than having to explain the whole game again because someone came late and missed the explanation!

Partner Workouts

As mentioned earlier, the camaraderie is one of the best parts of bootcamps for participants. To make the most out of this, it is good to include some partner workouts. Some fun partner exercises are:

  • Partner Tricep Extension
  • Plank + hand taps
  • Squat and med ball toss
  • Partner Sit Up vs Bent Over Row
  • Partner Hamstring Curl

What’s important here is to rotate partners a few times or you as the trainer pair your participants up. Otherwise, an issue that can arise is your participants just pair with the same people over and over again which means they don’t meet any new people


Bootcamp workouts don’t have to be just exercises. Incorporating fun games is a great way to build team spirit and keep participants more engaged and switched on throughout the bootcamp.

At Fitness Education Online, we actually have a free online course “Fitness Games for Bootcamp” to receive a copy, all you need to do is join our Facebook Group (click here to join)!

A couple of our favourite games (that are included in the course)

  • The Numbers Game
    Have your participants run around in a circle (clockwise), you as the trainer yell out a number. All participants need to get in groups of that number. Any participant that isn’t a group of that number needs to perform 3 star jumps, they then join the circle. Repeat drill
  • Scissors, Paper, Rock
    Line your participants up in two parallel lines facing each other (each participant will be facing another). The trainer yells out Scissors, Paper, Rock and the participants play the game at the instructors count. Whoever “loses” has to do 3 star jumps (at the trainers’ count). Repeat again. Note: change partners after few rounds

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