How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads

How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads:

Hi guys, it’s Jono here today. One of my friends is on holiday in Europe at the moment so I’m covering her Bootcamp class at Crunch on Tuesday nights and I’m loving it! I love “finishers”. I like to tell the group that all they need to do is this “20min workout” so put your 100% effort in, don’t leave anything in the tank and then once they’ve finished, I give them a min or two and say “actually, I forgot. We’ve also got a 5min finisher :-p” I think it’s the best way to get the most out of people. Tell them to put their all in and then get them to do a “little bit more”.

Anyways, I’ve been talking about Facebook Ads so I’d like to continue down that path. The secret to Facebook Ads, that most people don’t implement is Facebook “Lead Ads”.

A Facebook Lead Ad is one of those ads, where you need to enter your details for more info. This is so powerful for a few reasons:

1) Social Media is flooded these days.

2) This gives you an opportunity to call the prospect and talk about THEM and THEIR goals. You can’t do this over social media. All you can do is talk about YOU and YOU do, and the reality is… No-one cares!!! They want you to hear THEIR story and if you can help THEM! So, just by giving the prospect a call and having a chat with them, they will be 100 times more likely to register for your program! And even if they don’t register over the phone then and there, the fact that you bothered to call them and actually listened to their story means that you’re ahead of anyone else who just sits behind their social media all day.

3) Email Marketing. You’re going to get people who don’t answer their phone, don’t text back, etc and that’s ok. You’ve also got their email so you can keep them updated with what’s going on via email. Give them regular tips and let them know what’s going on and when you have a sale or you’re starting your next Bootcamp, just let them know! The advantage to email is it’s free! Take this example:

Say, you have got a bootcamp starting in a few weeks and you want to do some advertising. You put out some Facebook Leads Ads and they generate 20 leads. Of those 20, only 1 or 2 people actually register which is ok. But, the real advantage is in the continuous follow up. Next time your 12 week challenge comes around, you can do the same thing: Facebook Lead Ads, 20 leads and 1-2 new clients PLUS you can also contact the 18 leads from the last challenge that didn’t register FOR FREE! Then the next time your 12 week challenges come around, you can email the 18 leads who didn’t sign up for challenge 1 AND the 18 leads who didn’t sign up for challenge 2! and your list just keeps building, until eventually, you don’t even “need” to spend money on Facebook Ads because you can just send out an email!

So that’s my recommendation. If you’re on Facebook and you’re not using Facebook Lead Ads, get on them ASAP! If you’re not sure how to do it, Brenda is going to do a FREE training for our VIP members this month: “How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads”.

At Fitness Education Online over the past few years, we’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook Ad coaches and we personally spend thousands of dollars every month on Facebook Ads. Brenda, our social media manager has summarised all that for this month’s training!

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