Is genetics making you fat?

Is genetics making you fat?

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. You know how much I enjoy doing courses and learning new things. Last weekend I completed a course based around epigenetics, which basically looks at the expressions of genes and how they’re altered by many different factors. Now I am by no means an expert but I find this new approach to healthy living super interesting.

Basically, the outcome was that there is no 1 sized fits all approach to; diet, exercise or lifestyle, which will suit everyone. Which, when you think about it makes a lot of sense; we’ve all had clients who can’t seem to shift weight, or cant gain muscle mass, or respond better to cardio, while others need more resistance training, etc, etc. So this particular course uses a basis of science and genetics to explain why this is such a regular occurrence.

One last note on the course is that we’ll have one of the head guys (Dr Cam McDonald) on podcast in the coming weeks, which VIPs get early access to! Now it’s not just the interview with the good doctor that you can find on the VIP site. You’ll also find a range of interviews from industry leaders in multiple fields (Ryan Lee, AJ Mihzad, Alicia Streiger and way more); movement specialists, marketing gurus (email, insta, FB, youtube), sales coaches and of course a bunch of super successful trainers.

Yesterday, I mentioned the 3 key elements of a successful PT business. Today I’m going to go into detail a little most about the first one: How you structure your business.

– 10/12 week blocks, with a pay per week system
– Facebook Community Group – online challenges and engagement
– Provide extras! E.g. home booty/abs/Abs Bums Thighs workouts, clean eating recipe books, bring a friend week, social outings and much much more!
– Lastly, provide variety in your workouts; equipment and style

There is a lot that goes into providing all of the above to your clients, but they’re vital in creating an amazing community of clients who will want to train with you long term and also bring their friends!

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