How I Got to Run a Successful PT Business

How I Got to Run a Successful PT Business:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. Everyone hates being injured right? Well, I’m there right now and you wouldn’t believe how it happened! I was in the garden, literally pulling out a single weed and as I stood up, BAM, I’ve pulled a muscle in my back! I can’t believe it! Oh well, rest and recovery, right?

This week I wanted to tell you my story and how I (tragically) started in the fitness industry. So thank you for reading this far. If you missed my previous posts click here for part 1 and part 2. As I was explaining on Wednesday I was busy! Bootcamp continued to boom over the next several years, I continue to learn and research as much as I could about different training methodologies and was loving applying new stuff to the bootcamp. However, what I was finding was that these courses weren’t very comprehensive. I was still juggling teaching and spending all day Saturday and Sunday at a course and, yes, I would get some new knowledge, but it was hard to give up 2 full days for this.

So that’s were Fitness Education Online was born! We wanted to create something that could help trainers learn new skills in their own time! We also wanted to make sure we delivered on content! We want people finishing courses saying they were the best courses they have ever completed. We wanted people to actually make money from our courses and see them as investments for their business. So here we are now, 4 full-time employees (I no longer teach), operating internationally and we’ve just sold our 5000th course in little over 3 years in business!

Now what lessons can you take from my experience? Keep working hard, keep learning and looking for new opportunities. Taking these new opportunities allowed me to go from someone who couldn’t get a client, to a bootcamp with over 100 members, to this newer role helping trainers grow their businesses.

So if you’re reading this and any of it is resonating with you:
You’re stuck in a position you don’t want to be in
You’ve got NO time
You want to learn how to grow your business

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