How to Grow your Bootcamp: Facebook Community Group

How to Grow your Bootcamp: Facebook Community Group!

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. So there’s one week to go until Christmas and I’ve just finished my last year teaching full-time. The end of the year at school is always crazy! Reports, paperwork, tidying up and farewells. I’m looking forward to this next chapter working full-time with the rest of the team: Jono, Brenda and April.

What I have realised in my time as a teacher, personal trainer and CEC provider, is that there comes a time when you need to take that leap of faith. You need to give all in and give it your best shot and I’ve learnt through these experiences that professional development becomes your most valuable asset! So much so that you can’t even put a price on it.

With my decision made to focus on FEO full-time I’m super excited to have already booked in plenty of professional development, with the crew. We’ll be hitting up; Filex, Idea (USA) and Canfit (Canada), and many more! I think it’s important to vary your courses and I look at it like this;

– I always choose a topic which will help grow my business,
– A topic which is going to improve my client outcomes
– And finally one which suits my own interests.

It’s always good when you find a course which can tick all those boxes, but I think it’s important that you take that varied approach to development for your own sanity and longevity in any industry.

What I want to share with you today is one area I think all businesses should focus on, social media. This topic alone has so much variety to it and is constantly evolving. Today I’m going to focus on only one small (but important) strategy; Facebook community groups.

Having a community group on Facebook is probably as important, if not more than having a business page. The reason being that every member received a notification when there’s a post compared to just a percentage who sees content in their feed from your Facebook page. Who do you add as members for your community group? Former clients, potential clients and any other interested participants which is vital to growing your business.

A few strategies to grow this group is to constantly provide your clients with valuable content. You can do this by;

– Posting regularly: Try to post once a day or a few times a week and keep your posts interesting, engaging and fun.

– Using Facebook lives: At least once a week, go live in your community group. Your participants will get a notification and it’s way more personal than a posted video.

– Providing a simple ‘freebie’ when someone joins: for example, healthy eating recipe ebook, technique guidance ebook, a free trial session for your bootcamp, etc. Anything that adds value to your clients and encourages people to join.

– Consistency: more than anything you need to be consistent and post regularly and at similar times. That way, your audience will expect to hear from you to consume your content.

Mastering social media is super important to grow your business. We cover all this in details in our VIP membership. You can join today for $1 for your first month, cancel anytime. Check the details below.

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Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you have a Facebook Community Group? How often do you post content per week? Let me know if the comments below. I’ll see you next time, till then!