How our Virtual Assistant raised over $4,000 for charity… and feed over 600 struggling families in the Philippines

Author: Jono Petrohilos

At Fitness Education Online, our support team is led by our head Virtual Assistant – April Barcenal who works remotely (based in the Philippines) and has been with us since 2017.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we at Fitness Education Online weren’t as greatly affected as other small businesses’ were – as we were already 100% online.

 Because of that, April’s role didn’t really change and she wasn’t affected

–   She worked remotely from home already so she wasn’t affected by any lockdowns

–   Business didn’t decline at Fitness Education Online so her hours didn’t change 

However, the rest of the Philippines wasn’t as lucky. There were lockdowns all over the place. Businesses are closing, people will lose jobs or getting their hours reduced.

 And life’s pretty tough in the Philippine’s at the best of times (approx. 16% of the country lives below the poverty line).

 April didn’t feel good that there were people in her community with no jobs, no savings, no money and the pandemic not looking like it was ending any time soon. While she was living life as per normal not affected one bit.

What April did from there was amazing. Instead of just ‘feeling bad’ for everyone else. She actually did something about it.

 She and her team of VA’s created a whole heap of “Done For You” social media content that Fitness Trainers could use on their Social Media. She sold this package on the Fitness Education Online Community Facebook Group for $50 and 40 people purchased it.

How our Virtual Assistant raised over $4,000 for charity… and feed over 600 struggling families in the Philippines
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With the $2,000 raised instead of paying herself for the hard work – she used that money to purchase a whole heap of food including groceries, rice, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.

She then packaged those groceries up in 150 ‘food bundles’ that could be given to a less fortunate family who was struggling during the pandemic. 

She and her family then personally delivered these grocery bundles out to 150  families in the low socio economic area of Rizal (in the Philippine’s).

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