How to Rapidly Decrease Your Ad Cost

Author: Jimmy Halley

I’m pretty sure that you’ve all run some Facebook and Instagram ads.

And you probably noticed that the lead cost has been creeping up a little bit.

Well, here are three tips that’s going to help you rapidly decrease your ad costs, and I’ll tell you how it all came about…
Just recently, I’ve had a client come on board. Had a look at his ads and his ad cost was actually quite high, we’re talking about 50 to 80 bucks on average per lead, which is ridiculous.

This guy is actually a smart savvy marketer, he’s in a very competitive market. But for a while there, he was doing really well.
He’s done the courses, he’s done the mentoring before with other people and literally got to a spot where it was going well.
And then something happened.

He just didn’t keep sharp, didn’t keep on top of it, didn’t keep educating himself about the changes with Facebook
And the lead costs blew up…

So, I had a review of his ads.

I thought to myself… I know that we can do three things with ads.

And this is exactly what we did.

His images were all of people training, working out in the gym.

And it might seem counterproductive or counterintuitive, but every ad on every gym is doing that. Every other gym has got a photo of somebody working out.

So, what we did is we stripped all those photos out.

Here’s the three things that the images need to have.

Number one, group shots of people. That’s one type of image that we can have, a group shot of people in the gym but not working out. The pictures should include a bunch happy goofy people in the gym.
That’s one thing we’ve done.

The other one is, you’ve got to have attractive people in.

I’m not going to lie, you’ve got to have some sort of attractive person in your photos, even if they’re not from your gym. You can get more stocky types of photos.

Have some people with the ideal physique. They could be at the beach, they could be doing something else, but not necessarily in the gym. It’s important that we have these kinds of photos with the ideal physique or ideal lifestyle that people would want to aspire to.

And number three is that the contrast needs to be turned up a little bit.

If the images are a bit dull and lacking, it can be the difference between people stopping the scroll and look at it. Contrast should be turned a bit bright, jumping out off the page at them so people will easily notice.

I guarantee that this works for the client that I’m talking about.

And literally just yesterday, we did a review of four days of his ads.

He’s lead cost has gone from an average of 50-60 bucks down to 1-2 dollars.
Of course, we did a few little bits and pieces here and there…

But the major overarching thing that has changed the game for him was his IMAGE.

Now, the images have become even more important in a social media age, almost more important than the actual headline itself.

But take those three tips with you.

Let’s put them into your business and see your ad costs reduce.

And if you find anybody that needs to hear this that’s going to get value from it, please just share it with them or share this blog to them.

I hope you’ve got some value out of this just as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you. ??
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