How to structure your Bootcamp

How to “structure” your Bootcamp!

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m super excited for this week! One of my goals up until Christmas is to work on my Mobility (it currently SUCKS)! So i’ve booked in 10 weeks of Yoga and 10 weeks of a “bend and stretch” class at the gym! Keep an eye out for my mobility on my videos… If I get good – I may even share a tip or two :-p!

So anyways… What i want to talk about today is how to “structure” your Bootcamp! I believe this is the most important thing to running a Bootcamp! You can be the best Trainer in the world… But if you’re Bootcamp isn’t structured properly… It’s going to be hard to be successful… I know there’s obviously 10000 ways to structure a Bootcamp and i’m not going to pretend that my way is the only way but i do think it’s the easiest way with the less work involved!

If you’ve been following me for a while – you know I teach the “12 Week Challenge” Model! The system is super easy!

– Participants pay a set amount per week (e.g. $50) for 12 weeks!
– Trainer runs 5-6 sessions per week
– Trainer also includes some free give aways… e.g. “Jono’s Basic Nutrition Guidelines”, “Jono’s Clean Eating Recipe eBook”, “Jono’s Clean Eating Smoothie / Shake eBook”, “Jono’s at home Bum Workouts”, “Jono’s at home Ab Workouts” etc etc.

The advantage here is that
a) Clients are getting an awesome deal as it is (less than $10 per session)
b) Even if they don’t attend the session – they get so much value out of all the free give aways!

Before we continue, be sure to get our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.

Going back, If you can just get 20 people to register for this program – that’s $1000 a week… and you’re just working ONE contact hour a day!

The other thing you want to do as a Trainer is set up a 12 Week Program OUTSIDE of the training the session… e.g.
– Week 1 = get to know you week, Week 2 = recipe sharing comp, Week 3 = smoothie / shake sharing comp, Week 4 = First Excursion (rock climbing), Week 5 = no sugar challenge, Week 6 = bring a friend etc etc!

The advantage here is that everyone is going to register for 12 weeks because that’s how long the program goes for and it’s fun for them because each week they get to experience something new!

This works for you as a Trainer because every client that registers for your program is a $600 sale!

The other MAJOR advantage to a 12 week challenge that isn’t really spoken about is the marketing side to it! I’ve run challenges before and I’ve run “join anytime” bootcamps before… The hardest part to the “join anytime” Bootcamps was that I had to be constantly selling and marketing every day of my while, while still trying to service my current clients… With the 12 Week Challenge – you spend 2-3 weeks before the challenge starts marketing… And then the rest of the time you can just focus on giving your clients an awesome service and ensuring that 100% of them come back to your next challenge!

Anyways… This sort of stuff is exactly what we cover in our Bootcamp Specialist Program (which is currently on special)! The other advantage to doing the Bootcamp Specialist is that you actually GET a lot of stuff mentioned – you get an unbranded copy of our “Clean Eating Recipe eBook” and “Booty Program” that you can put your own logo on and give to your clients! Check it out here.