I need friends…

I need friends:

Happy Friday peeps! It’s Jono here today. I was speaking to a trainer yesterday who was focusing on running mainly post natal classes and she mentioned to me she focuses more on the “community” side than the actual session because it can be quite isolating for new mums. That really hit home for me because I believe that’s a big part of Bootcamps in general. Not just for new mums, but all sorts of people that need a “community”. As a trainer it’s cool, as you’re always meeting new people in your class, but for other people it can be super hard to meet new people. When you’re young you go to school, college, sports teams, a new work place, but once you’re out of your 20’s, when you’re more settled, you’re “stuck” with the same group of friends and Bootcamp is such a cool way for people to make new friends… PROVIDING the Trainer does things to encourage this… Which I believe is one of the biggest roles of a trainer!

That leads onto my next point. I’ve been banging on about suspension trainers all week so I thought I better provide some workouts. I was going to provide some circuits but then I thought of something better.

I like to use the suspension trainer to do little “challenges” after training. I’ll explain a couple of them first, then I’ll explain why I like them.

Challenge 1: Hamstring Curl Challenge
– Participant completes as many unbroken suspension hamstring curls as possible. Sounds easy – but the exercise BURNS and I can’t do any more than 10!

Challenge 2: Walk Out Plank Challenge
– Participant holds a suspension plank and has to “walk” to the “cone” (approx 1m) and then back “home”… Repeat for 30secs… Once again – sounds easy but is SUPER challenging… I can only get 5 there and backs in and it really challenges my core!

So – they are good workouts and a bit of fun… But more importantly they create community… Training is over and i’ll say “ok… hey team, I’ve got a bit of a challenge… who wants to stay back 5mins n try it out”… Everyone then has a turn either 1 by 1 or 2 by 2… and everyone else counts and encourages… and when they finish everyone gives a little “yay” and “claps”… It’s really cool – I definitely recommend trying it out!

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