If your Fitness Business is a cash eating monster, here’s what you need to know

Author: Angela Anderson

If your Fitness Business is a cash eating monster, here’s what you need to know

I used to pay $3,000 a month for a business mastermind. I put myself under IMMENSE pressure the entire year I was in the group. During that time, my business turned into this ravenous cash eating monster. I had to make a minimum of $5 – $6K a month JUST to cover my biz expenses. (Mastermind fee + paid advertising + tech).

I showed up to ALL the calls. I implemented ALL the teachings. I went out and got $3500 worth of PayPal credit and an additional $12,000 with 0% APR for 18 months Chase Freedom credit card. It was the biggest, most expensive risk I ever took on myself and my business. My husband supported me and stayed out of it, as long as we weren’t using his money to pay for it.

I was 7 years into having a business already, hiring coaches, purchasing the digital programs, etc. I kept telling myself to have patience, to give it time, to keep showing up, to dig in. However, the first couple clients I would sign in a month only meant I was at ‘break even’ and basically working for free.

Some months I made $20K and the hard work I put in felt like it stood a chance to pay off. But those $20K months were sporadic. And to top it all off, several of the months where I made $10Kish – which was what I was earning BEFORE I joined the mastermind – the clients came from MY personal efforts and network, NOT the work I was doing in the mastermind!!! And remember, $5K was flying out the window in business expenses!!! UGH.

It was so deeply painful, frustrating and disappointing ?.

I was putting off getting better health insurance for me and my kids in order to afford the fees. And, to be honest, the coaches in the mastermind were HANDS DOWN the BEST coaches I’d worked with in the online coaching industry. So what the hell was wrong???

Some of the questions I asked myself:
• Should I have given it more time?
• What wasn’t clicking?
• Does it really take longer than a year to scale from $10K months to $30K – $50K+ months?
• If I had toughed it out longer, would I have broken through?

But at the end of the day, there were so many red flags and I had reached my emotional, spiritual, and financial boiling point.

When you’re stressed out all the time, your brain literally SHUTS down and go into fight, flight or freeze mode.

My truth and my clients’ truth is that money comes from GOD through others via our sacred work. It’s a sacred privilege and responsibility to manage our wealth so that we can live peacefully (and plentifully) and continue to do our sacred work in the world.

I’m a wealth activator and financial coach and I finally realized why I had wandered so far from my roots:

It’s two main things:

#1 All of my money was going towards STRATEGY and not a HOLISTIC APPROACH to achieving my wealth goals.

I was seriously lacking in deep emotional and spiritual support along my journey. I knew exactly what I was getting in the mastermind, and ‘mindset work’ wasn’t part of it, so I went out an hired more coaches to cover the gap. As a deeply spiritual and emotional being, I learned that when I throw down the big bucks, I need to pay for both the masculine & feminine AND strategy + spirituality (with emphasis on self improvement, reflection, alignment, and sharpening my manifestation prowess.)

I’ve found that at the root of my client’s lack of financial literacy and lack of being able to turn their income into wealth is a yearning to connect deeply with their God-given nature as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Like me, many of my clients are in strategy fatigue and need a deep emotional and spiritual upgrade. They know we’ll do all the necessary financial strategy ‘stuff’ during our time together, but they also know that their heart and soul will be PRIORITIZED & FED FIRST.

Imagine that. Put the oxygen over your mouth first. You get the time and space you need to connect with your soul and point yourself towards your north star ✨. Breathe deeply, my friend. Then, strategy and the rest of the stuff is … dare I say, easy and enjoyable?

#2 Understand the difference between an investment and an expense.

In the coaching world, everyone’s always preaching ‘invest in yourself’. Well, duh. I get that and my clients do as well. I love entrepreneurs because we are the folks that are willing to take big risks and get out of our comfort zones. I understand leveraging credit and writing off interest expenses.

I get that it takes time to build success. And I get that no coach or program can absolutely guarantee certain results within a certain time frame. But if you’re on your 3rd … or 4th … or 5th ‘get more clients’ program and are STILL depriving yourself of important things like health insurance, investing in your retirement and massage therapy …. And your living room is still filled with the furniture you had in college, then you’re depriving yourself of getting on a MONEY PLAN that’s going to protect you and grow your wealth FOR LIFE.

Thinking back, I now see that I was starving certain areas of my life (spirituality, important protections like health insurance, investing in my retirement and self care) and overfeeding others, at a huge cost.

I put off my money plan for life, thinking just ‘one more strategy’ would 10X my income at the speed of light. What I found is it’s so much easier to WIN THE GAME and hit a HOME RUN when all of your bases are loaded, and that’s EXACTLY what I do with my clients.

We stop the madness and go back to HOME BASE, which is what YOU NEED to feel financially safe, secure and abundant + emotionally and spiritually supported.

We look at your income. We look at your expenses. And we get real with the parts in your life you’re starving and the parts you are over feeding. Then, we take action.

I don’t make you work with me for a year to accomplish this. There are NO astronomical fees and no re-occurring payments. It’s a one time INVESTMENT (not expense). Here’s my track record to prove it:
• my clients have accomplished gathering and setting aside $30K – $100K ear marked as ‘emergency funds’ during our 8 weeks together
• my clients average paying off $15K – $30K of debt during our 8 weeks together
• my clients put an average of $5K – $30K back in their pockets without hustling to make more money
• my clients average an increase of $10K – $50K in income during our time together
• my clients become millionaires in their lifetime

There is almost ZERO holistic financial support in the coaching world. It’s either, ‘I’ll help you get on a budget’ or ‘I’ll get you on the profit first system’ or ‘I’ll teach you to love your numbers’.

And a lot of it is digitalized. If support is included, you have to show up to group coaching calls and ‘wait your turn.’

High-ticket mentors say they offer ‘mindset help’, but it’s usually talk therapy and sending you off to do exercises like journaling until your hands cramp or saying affirmations until you’re blue in the face. #sorrynotsorry

What I know to be true is that 95% of our money energetics reside below the level of our conscious awareness. The epiphanies we need to experience and what we need to transform are so unique and complex. It now feels silly to expect we can get our emotional, psychological and spiritual needs covered in a once a week group coaching call … with a person who specializes in business coaching, and not an actual therapeutic modality of change.

In contrast, the REAL money energetics transformation I offer my clients is using a modality called PSYCH-K® which is scientifically proven to work faster and more effective than hypnotherapy or EFT (no offense to those modalities – I love them both!). And it produces results like this:

I couldn’t wait to tell you. Pardon my French but ‘this shit is badass!!!!!’ It’s just incredible. When I have a negative thought now, it’s instantly, strongly and quickly refocused by my subconscious. I’m rich – and this phrase keeps blinking in my brain. Everything is now clear for me. I found an idea and my sense of purpose is perfectly obvious. I finish work at 11am, have hit $1,000,000.00 in income and am building my dream home. No more stress AT ALL. It’s like WOW. This is extremely powerful work! Voila, I wanted to share this excitement with you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!’

And results like this:

After working with you this morning the results were instant, if anyone ever went through something they can’t stop thinking about in a negative way, you will be BLOWN away by what happens after just an hour with Angela, I now know for certain that the power to move the world is in your subconscious mind. I have no doubt in my mind what so ever that this shit works and it’s instant. THIS IS MAGIC! THIS MUST BE WITCH CRAFT!’

I also understand that without a money plan for life, the amount of income you produce means very little. Wealth doesn’t grow while you hustle yourself into a hospital bed, underneath a mattress or rotting in a savings account. The gold bricks you have stored under your house can be recalled by the government. Death and taxes are inevitable. Watching your parents as they age makes you realize you need to get your rear in gear. And you want a secure future for your children and your children’s children.

Your CPA, insurance broker, investment advisors, and business coach can’t support you through the decisions you need to make to grow and protect your wealth. But I can ?.
And it would be my pleasure to.

There are a lot of details missing in ‘financial literacy’ programs and ‘money coaching’.

Don’t keep the wool over your eyes like I did if you’re not fulfilled spiritually and you’re behind on your money plan for life. You don’t need to ‘budget yourself’ to wealth either!

There’s nothing wrong with you – it’s just that most people ‘think’ that making more money will solve their problems. They ‘think’ a group call with a high ticket guru is somehow going to ‘activate’ them. Nah. I’ve been there, done that.

I’m not putting the cart before the horse anymore and neither are my clients.

I was still able to grow my net worth to over $1,000,000.00 (while struggling to earn $10K months in my business and feeding a cash eating monster biz) and I’m on my way to doubling and tripling it, while caring for my spirit and following a super simple wealth building strategy.

And life is so much richer – on the inside and outside.

If you want some of that holistic richness in your life too, DM me about my programs. I have a 90min, a 1 month immersion and an 8week immersion. Read some more of my posts on my FB wall. Watch the 3-part video series I created last week.

The simplest and most aligned way to grow wealth I’ve ever seen is right here in front of you.

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