I’m Jono and this is My Story

My Story:

G’day Everyone! It’s Jono here today and this week I’d like share my story with you… It’s quite a big story so it’s going to take a few days… If you’re serious about running Bootcamps and making them your number 1 form of income than I’m sure you’ll pick up some tricks!

When I started running Bootcamps… I was rubbish… I had no idea what i was doing… I had a Uni Degree in Exercise Physiology, a Cert III and IV in Fitness, I had been working as a PT for 5 years (in a gym and outdoors) and i still didn’t know the first thing about running a Bootcamp… They didn’t teach it at all in my studies… So my Bootcamps were rubbish… My numbers were rubbish, my sessions were boring and half my clients wouldn’t rejoin for my next one…


I really enjoyed it and I saw the potential Bootcamps have to offer (providing i could get more clients and keep them there)… So I was at the cross roads… I could either give up and go back to PT or make a call and dedicate my life to running a successful Bootcamp… I went with the Bootcamp 🙂

The first thing I did… Was complete every single CEC course out there on Bootcamp, Boxing and Functional Training PLUS attend FILEX every year… I would accumulate about 40-50CECs every year (which is about 4-5 times the required amount)… Every course I saw as an investment… So whatever money I spent on the course – I would dedicate myself to making sure I made use of that course and make my money back. This enabled me to scale… The way my Bootcamps were set up (12 Week Challenge – $50 per week)… Each new client was $600… So even if I did a 20CEC course for $500… Even if i knew everything in there and I only learnt one thing… As long as that one thing was able to generate me ONE more client… I made my money back plus a profit… And then onto the next course… This enabled me to get ahead.. Everyone else would look at doing courses as an “expense” and would avoid doing them because they don’t have the money – so they would do maybe 1 or 2 year… Whereas I’d look at it as “income” – because I was using what I learnt in the courses to make my money back – I was basically getting paid to do these courses!

At the same time… I would always be working with a business coach (I worked with many different ones over the years)! With the same philosophy – I would implement any new thing I learnt until it generated me a return on investment!

Now this was a good start… because now my sessions were a lot better and I knew how to structure to a business… but in this journey I stumbled across a secret… and when I used this secret – my retention rates went through the roof! Majority of my clients would stay… But there was always that few that wouldn’t… I thought this was normal… “you’re never going to get every single person re-joining”… As soon as i implemented this secret… The very next 12 week challenge – my rejoin rate was 104%! Every single client re-joined plus some old clients!

I’ll share the secret with you on my next blog post… But in the meantime, I’ve put together a new program…

Jono’s 12 Week Build Your Bootcamp Challenge

It’s a program like nothing else out there… It’s tailored to anyone that wants to make Bootcamp their thing and have that as their number 1 source of income… I work with you step by step for 12 weeks to help you grow your bootcamp and you get access to everything I’ve learnt in my Bootcamp journey!


If you’re interested – you can register directly on the link below 🙂

Jono’s 12 Week Build Your Bootcamp Challenge