Inspiration Level 100

Inspiration Level 100:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. As you know, I went to this 3-day conference over the weekend on how to become a better speaker. The days were super looooooong! 12 hours per day from 9 am to 9 pm. On Day 1 we had to work on a 60-second “pitch”. Basically how you would sell yourself or your product in 60 seconds or less. We were working super hard all day and then Sam (the presenter) said: “ok guys, we’ve been at it for 7 hours already today and all I’ve given you is a 30 min break, so I’m going to give you a 90 minute dinner break. BUT, during that break, you need to practise your “pitch” as many times as possible TO RANDOMS IN THE STREET AND RESTAURANT. And as proof that you’ve pitched to them, you need to collect their business card”.

A lot of the participants in the room were getting really nervous and even though Sam was joking. For me, it didn’t bother me at all. I’m super confident and I have absolutely no issue approaching strangers. So, I was pretty confident I was going to win. I almost felt bad for the other participants because they didn’t stand a chance.

Anyways, I kicked back, had some dinner and pitched to a few people and collected about 5 business cards before heading back to the seminar. Most other people didn’t collect any, some people collected 1 or 2. All in all, I was pretty confident.

Then, we proceeded to do the count and I didn’t win. The girl sitting next to me collected 25!!!!

At first, I thought she must have cheated until I heard her story.
– She didn’t have dinner… she just pitched to randoms for 90 mins straight
– She flew in from Hong Kong just for this seminar
– She has a thick ass accent and her English isn’t that good
– She didn’t know the area and where to go, so she just walked up and down the street for 90 mins (it was FREEZING in Sydney on Friday night)
– She was on crutches – as she was only born with one leg! No prosthesis, no wheelchair. One leg and crutches.

Basically, because of the above, she knew was at a disadvantage, but instead of using that as an excuse, she did something about it that no-one else was willing to do which was skipping dinner and pitching for 90 minutes straight!

That inspired the hell out of me and It made me think. Unless I’ve traveled to a foreign country for a seminar, to a place where I barely speak the language and even the words I know most people can’t understand because of my accent, spent 12 hours in a room, skipped dinner and walked down the freezing street on my own with one leg; I can’t tell anyone that I’ve “tried” something or that something “can’t” be done.

And on the flip side, no matter who you are, no matter what disadvantages you have or whatever advantages someone else has over you, If you want it more and you work harder than the next person, you’re going to win!

In a Bootcamp setting, you’ve got two options:
A) You can think that you’re never going to be the best because this other trainer has “this” or this new gym has “this”
B) You can run the best Bootcamp in your area because you want it more than the next trainer and you’re willing to work harder for it than the next trainer

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