Is this stalking?

Is this stalking?

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I was bored on the weekend… So I thought I’d do some “networking / stalking”… I just went on Instagram and searched anyone who had “checked in” at my local gym… It was actually really fun because I could see photo’s of fellow members who I see every day but never talk too… I was able to open their Instagram and see a little more about them… I followed them and hit “like” on a couple of their photo’s… Then come this week – I was able to talk to these members and say “hey, I saw your Instagram on the weekend – I didn’t know you a nutritionist etc etc”… and it enabled me to start a conversation with these people without it being super weird! Some people would probably consider this stalking… but in my opinion it’s the modern day networking…

A couple years ago – if you wanted to meet people in your area – you’d have to go to networking events (which i recommend by the way)… BUT the down point to that is that it’s time consuming… you have to get dressed… travel there… travel back etc… These days – you can just go on Instagram – search certain “hashtags” or “locations” that people have checked in at and “like”, “comment”, “follow” and “Direct Message” other users… It’s WAY more time efficient – you can do it in your underwear from home in about 10mins when you first wake up… and it’s not as “confronting”… In person events – unless you’re pretty confident it can be intimidating talking to strangers… But only – it’s SO EASY to “like”, “comment”, “DM”, “follow” other people… n too be honest they LOVE IT… “omg this person, just liked my photo”… LOL!

And talking about being time efficient – the same thing applies Facebook Groups… Back in the day – if you had a “list” of potential clients / prospects and you wanted to communicate with them – you would have to pick up the phone and call every one of them (which i also recommend) BUT – the down point is… You can only call someone so many times before they start ignoring your calls… AND you can also call so many people in a day! If you do a “live” video on a Facebook Group – it’s the equivalent to making that phone call but to SO MANY people at the one time! AND they can respond live during your video OR they can respond afterwards and you can back and reply and EVERYONE can see the response…

The best example i can give to that is a couple weeks ago… A member of our community Facebook Group asked if anyone knows any good CEC courses on Pregnancy / Post Natal… I put a link to the course we offer in the comments section… and by the end of that day – 2 different people purchased the course from that link (NOT the person that wrote the question – two completely different people)…. So i COULD have called the person… but by posting a link in the Facebook Group it meant that a HEAP of other people also saw it!

Anyways… I could preach all day about Social Media / Online… I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this email – you know the power of Social Media… If you master Online / Social Media you’re going to be a head of the game… If you don’t master it you’re probably going to be behind…

What’s important though – is that you’re a good trainer BEFORE you start mastering Social Media / Online… Otherwise you won’t be able to keep your clients… For that reason Social Media / Online is the third stage of our Bootcamp Specialist Program!

Stage 1: Bootcamp (master the structure)
Stage 2: Functional Training (master the workouts, exercises and equipment)
Stage 3: Social Media / Online (scale your business to however many clients you want)!
If you’re interested in learning more about this, check our Bootcamp Specialist Program! And be sure to get our5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.