Jono’s Story Part 2

Jono’s Story part 2

Hi guys! Jono here today. I’d like to continue on with my story from my last blog. Remember I was telling you how bad I was at my first Bootcamps and how I decided to take action and enroll in as many courses and learn as much as possible to grow my Bootcamp.

Once I had completed every single Bootcamp related CEC course and worked with a heap of Business coaches… I knew exactly how to run a Bootcamp! Sessions were good, structure was good, retention was good! I did realize one “issue” I had though…

If an inquiry didn’t register for Bootcamp then and there, they were pretty much gone. I didn’t really have any follow up procedures. I think I would send out a monthly newsletter (hint: don’t do this… no-one reads these anymore) and then a bulk email when my next challenge was starting… It sucked… Hardly anyone bought from it…

I knew there was a way convert these people though and not waste them. So, I bit the bullet and purchased an email marketing course for $5.000 – it was the most money I’d ever spent on anything (my previous biggest – my car a 98 Honda Civic cost me $2000).

Anyways to cut a long story a short, once I learnt how to email market properly, my Bootcamp started to sky rocket and I didn’t need to grind as much. Previously to convert clients I’d have to do HEAPS of networking, talking, texting, calling etc. which takes time. With email marketing, all I had to do was send out an email a day (which I actually really enjoy doing).

Email Marketing is a game changer and it’s what everyone forgets about in today’s society. Everyone is obsessed with Social Media and put all their energy in there (which isn’t bad), but I’ll tell you now, you’ll make WAY more sales over email than you will on Facebook.

Anyways, If you don’t know how to email market, I strongly recommend learning! you could do the course I did – which is pretty cool and pay 5K.


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