Your Key To Success: ad social media

How to Use Social Media To Get More Clients:

Hi guys! It’s Brenda here today. On Monday I was telling you about my new animal cruelty-free lifestyle and it got me thinking about personal training clients who decide to change their eating habits for other reasons such as to lose weight or get more energy. In the beginning, it involves a lot of time and effort to make conscious choices of what to eat and what to shop for and cook. But I think it’s very powerful and encouraging to make them keep a journal or make them notice how they feel as the weeks go by. I find it fascinating to notice all these changes in the way that I feel and how my body reacts. 3 weeks on my new eating habits and I feel great, I have a lot more energy and vitality, I’m sleeping better, and my mood has improved, I feel more positive and happy. I must say that despite having way more energy than before, I did struggle to have energy working out. I actually felt like I was going to faint all the time. However, this week, I can see I’m back to normal, which is fantastic.

Today I’d like to talk about how to get clients from social media and marketing strategies using Facebook. This social media platform is a very powerful tool for acquiring new clients. Facebook gathers so much information about people that is scary and at the same time extremely powerful for advertisement and quite frankly I think for people in general as well. Do you remember the old days when you wanted something and you had to go and figure out how to get it? How awesome is that now Facebook just simply shows it to you in an ad when you’re casually stalking your friends and family?

Here are 5 steps to consider when creating a Facebook Ad:
1. Your Campaign Objective
There are many different objectives depending on your overall goal such as driving traffic to a specific page, getting leads, getting more engagement if you want people to see or share your content, etc. I recommend you use the leads objective on Facebook to get more clients for Bootcamp. Firstly, because you don’t need a website, and also because people don’t have to get out of Facebook to give you their details. The information you want to collect in the form is: first and last name, email and phone number.
2. Your Audience and Who to Target
One of the things must trainers struggle with is finding their clients. Where do they hang out? How old are they? What’s your demographic? What we recommend you do is target people who like your Facebook page and their friends and also if you have already a list of emails (you need at least 100) you can also add a custom audience and create a lookalike audience for Facebook to find similar people for you. Something else you want to do is specify the geographical area you want to target, in this case, close to where you Bootcamp takes place.
3. Your Budget and How Much to Bid
The default daily budget on Facebook is $20 which for some trainers can be a lot. We recommend you start at $5 per day and then increase your budget once your results are going well.
4. Ad Options: Copy and Creative
There are so many ad options on Facebook. You can use a single image, a carousel (several photos that users can scroll across) slide show (images made as a video), video ads, etc. We recommend you go for the plain and simple image using a good photo of your Bootcamp. You can use stock photos that are available there but real and personal photos have more engagement. If you decide to go for a video of you speaking or with voice over, for example, make sure you add subtitles as 86% of people watch videos in silence mode on Facebook. For the copy, you have to include a text which goes at the top, a headline that goes at the bottom of the image and you can also add a description that appears below the headline.
5. How to Analyze Results
Tweaking and testing is the only way to make your money and your marketing campaign worthwhile. How much you’re willing to spend for a lead is up to you. Your return of an investment will depend on how much you charge for your Bootcamp. For a lead objective, anything that is below $2.5/lead is good. You can also look at the Relevance score which is a number Facebook gives from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) that tells you how relevant your ad is to your audience. I would scrap anything below 7 or 6, the lower the score, the less Facebook will show your ad.

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