Kick Boxing drills for Bootcamp

Kick Boxing drills for Bootcamp:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. On Monday I shared with you how I got started in Kickboxing and today I wanted to share with you my favourite drill when using kicking in your sessions. Now I normally focus on cardio boxing drills, but if you’ve never done kicking it adds a whole new element to your fitness!!

The drill I love goes like this:

Round House Intervals – 30 seconds on – 10 seconds off – 4 drills on each leg
1. Single round house 30 seconds
2. 1-5 round house – 1 kick, 2 kick, 3 kicks…etc for 30 seconds
3. Continuous kicks
4. Kick and burpee in between each kick.

You can run it a few different ways, I like to use a kick shield, because they have a bigger surface area and are easy to change over. With the drill above I would go:

1 lot of 30 seconds and then change partner each round OR you could the right side, then left side and change partner OR all 4 on 1 side then change partner. Each way is a little different and you could repeat the drill every few weeks and just change to format for a little bit of variety.

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