How to make your clients laugh!

How to make your clients laugh!

Hi guys! it’s Jono here today. How was your weekend? Mine was AWESOME – I went to a Stuart Zadel seminar on Saturday! He’s a “property guru” but his strength is his mindset… With his mindset, he’s going to succeed at whatever he does. I strongly recommend checking him if you haven’t. One principle he teaches which I love is “fun”! He said the MOST important thing you do at this seminar is HAVE FUN! In anything in life – the more you enjoy something the better you’ll become at it! The better you become at something – the more money you’ll make! So if your goal is to grow your business – do whatever you can to make it more fun!

It’s the same thing for Bootcamp participants… The more fun they have at the sessions, the more likely they’ll come to the next session so our goal is Bootcamp Instructors is to make our sessions fun for US (the Trainer) and the CLIENT!

One exercise I find fun is the Kettlebell Swing! I LOVE teaching clients how to perform it because there are some really fun drills you can use! There’s this one drill Travis uses to teach people how to swing and dead set 9 out of 10 people will laugh when doing it (and the 1 out of 10 who doesn’t laugh will at least smile)! I think this is KEY… because a lot of people don’t want to exercise because they find it “boring” – so if you can make them laugh while learning – you’re winning :)!

Click here to see Travis’ drill “How to Teach the Swing”

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