My PT Hub vs. PT Distinction – A Comparison of Personal Training Platforms

In the health and exercise space, we are fortunate to have a multitude of personal training and coaching software/platforms/apps to select from. Software and applications range from basic to highly advanced (which comes with a higher price tag). That said, you have the option to research and select a software platform that works for you and your individual needs. In this article, we examine two industry-standard and popular platforms: My PT Hub and PT Distinction. Both are high quality options for health and exercise professionals. 

My PT Hub

This software promotes itself as a “all-in-one personal training software and app” and, as this tag line would suggest, it offers a variety of incredible features. One awesome aspect of this software is that the cost doesn’t increase as your business grows, and it is 100% free for all your clients.  

Cost You have two options: You can pay monthly ($55/month) or annually (which amounts to $48/month). The monthly plan is the most flexible, however, the annual is the most cost-effective. Both options include a month free trial, unlimited clients, unlimited workouts, unlimited nutrition plans, and email and chat support.

What can you do with My PT Hub? 

My PT Hub has a large variety of professional features and business support tools including custom branding, website integration, habit tracker, program creation platform, custom packaging for clients, development of custom exercises, MyFitness Pal, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit integration, results tracking, instant messaging, events calendar and public calendar, a microsite for your business (sort of a like a virtual storefront), and the ability to develop customizable forms. And this is just the short list of options professionals have access to for a relatively low price point that does not change as one’s client numbers increase.  

You can also refer others to My PT Hub and earn rewards via two ways: A $25 Visa Gift Card for each monthly subscriber you refer or a $50 Visa Gift Card for each annual subscriber you refer. 

Overall, this app gets an A for comprehensive features, ease of use, affordability, and versatility. It’s worth the 30-day trial. 

PT Distinction 

This software is a popular choice among health and exercise professionals – particularly those who train online or who are interested in building an online personal training or health coaching practice. PT Distinction prides themselves on reaching more people, saving time, and delivery “incredible results.” The software does, indeed, support professionals and their goals.


With this software, you have three options: 

·      Novice ($19/month for up to 3 clients)

·      Pro (the most popular – for $59/month for up to 25 clients)

·      Master ($89/month for up to 50 clients)

Some additional details regarding each category. 

With the Novice option, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $6/month after that. Android and iOS apps are partially customizable, and you can get same day support. 

With the Pro option, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $2.40/month ongoing. This option includes custom branding for Android and iOS for you and your clients as well as same day support. 

With the Master feature, extra clients are free for up to 1 month and an additional $1.60/month ongoing. This option includes the same additional features as the Pro pricing category. 

All categories of pricing offer free trials. 

What can you do with PT Distinction?

Like My PT Hub, this software is comprehensive and integrative, though pricier based on number of clients. This software has a massive workout library, automated messaging features, comprehensive “program health” updates and details regarding client adherence and progress. One feature that stands out is the extensive menu of pre-loaded physical assessment and client forms. This software also integrates with FitBit, MyZone, and MyFitness Pal, Zapier, YouTube, Stripe, PayPal, and Vimeo.

Overall, like My PT Hub, this software gets an A for comprehensive features, positive user experience, integrative options, and cost effectiveness. 

The options we have as pros are limitless, so it is well worth your time to test drive what is available and make an informed decision. Try out each software option with a “test client” and be sure to get their feedback. 

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Personal Training vs. Health Coaching – What’s the Difference?

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