Part 2: Online Summit Podcast Series – with John Polley

About JP
John Polley (JP) has several roles as a movement professional. Firstly, as owner of Be Free Movement Lifestyle Wellness in Perth, Australia, he sees clients requiring therapy and conditioning to overcome setbacks from over use, surgery, injury or illness, as well as professional athletes requiring that little extra at the top end to make a difference in their sport.

Secondly, as an educator, JP is a specialist in integrated myofascial movement; one of a handful in Australia and New Zealand. Taking account of connective tissues in addition to the muscles means a more complete understanding of the human body and the way it is designed to move, meaning JP’s knowledge is sought after at major conferences across the region. He has presented every year since 2011 at the main events held in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. In addition he has conducted teaching tours for the last two years and in 2018 was selected as the only featured presenter for the Exercise New Zealand Roadshow, covering eight cities across the country.

Learning Outcomes

o Discover what a client’s movement style is and how this should effective your programming.

o Learn the importance of happiness in our everyday lives

o Learn how to incorporate joy into your training sessions

o Understand a client’s readiness when it comes to programming individual sessions.

The overall objective of the Fitness Summit is to give Personal trainers and fitness professionals access to some of the best and most relevant presentations from international presenters. The Summit is designed to stimulate ideas and curiosities amongst trainers for where they can specialise within the industry. Each presentation provides a snapshot of the individual presenter’s specialty. Many of the speakers are current Fitness Australia course presenters and Filex presenters.

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