Part 7: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Richard Beddie

About Richard
Richard has worked in the exercise industry for over 30 years, having owned clubs, and been involved in governance of national and international organisations involved in guiding and supporting the exercise industry – from large gym chains, to industry bodies and registration organisations. Richard speaks internationally on a range of business topics from exercise trends to sustainable business practices. His current roles are CEO of ExerciseNZ, and the Board’s Chief of Staff for the International Confederation of Register for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs).

Learning Outcomes

o Uncover the current drivers of change within the fitness industry

o Learn how to analyse current fitness trends and apply them to your business

o Understand the importance of technology within the fitness industry moving forward

The overall objective of the Fitness Summit is to give Personal trainers and fitness professionals access to some of the best and most relevant presentations from international presenters. The Summit is designed to stimulate ideas and curiosities amongst trainers for where they can specialise within the industry. Each presentation provides a snapshot of the individual presenter’s specialty. Many of the speakers are current Fitness Australia course presenters and Filex presenters.

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