Part 8: Online Summit Podcast Series – with Ulrik Larsen

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In this episode of the FitPros Guide to Growing Their Fitness Business Podcast, Travis Mattern interviews Ulrik Larsen about the "Online Summit Podcast Series".

Ulrik Larsen is an Australian Sports Physiotherapist uniquely specialized to educate the Fitness Industry. With an extensive 26 years of experience working with injured athletes, personal trainers and their clients across Australia, NZ, Asia, India, the Middle East and the UK, he is the founding director of Rehab Trainer International. Ulrik’s passion for up-skilling fitness professionals led him to develop the REHAB TRAINER courses, which are delivered face-face in courses in nearly 20 countries by the Rehab Trainer Group of elite Sports Physiotherapists.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn ways in which we may support injury prevention 
  • Understand the fundaments of completing a safe deadlift

The overall objective of the Fitness Summit is to give Personal trainers and fitness professionals access to some of the best and most relevant presentations from international presenters. The Summit is designed to stimulate ideas and curiosities amongst trainers for where they can specialise within the industry. Each presentation provides a snapshot of the individual presenter's specialty. Many of the speakers are current Fitness Australia course presenters and Filex presenters.

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  • 21 Speakers
  • 26 Topics 
  • 22 Fitness Australia CECs

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Note: Podcast episodes are hosted by either Jono Petrohilos, Travis Mattern or Claudia Li

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