How Run a Successful PT Business

How Run a Successful PT Business:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. HAPPY OLYMPIC GAMES!! I always love when big global sporting events are on, whether it be; the Summer or Winter Olympics, tennis grand slams or soccer world cups. They’re all tonnes of fun to watch and get involved with. So, I’m a little exhausted this morning because I’ve been up watching some of the recent events; mainly the men’s snowboarding slope-style and the women’s freestyle skiing moguls and I wanted to share a couple of take always from two of the competitors, neither of which won golds: but Red Gerard what a freak, 17 years old and gold!

The first one is Mark McMorris from Canada, his comeback story was incredible! He had a life-threatening accident only 11 months ago, where he broke his jaw and left arm, ruptured his spleen, suffered a stable pelvic fracture, rib fractures and collapsed his left lung. Again less than 12 months ago! When he was in hospital he thought he’d never snowboard again, but when he was dismissed, life was not the same without the slops and decided to come back. Can you imagine the time spent recovering and building not just your body back to Olympic standard, but your mind to go full throttle and send yourself over a 50+FT jump! Outstanding!

The second story is of Britt Cox, an Australian Moguls skier, in fact current world champion! She trains predominately from Australia, where our ski hills rank well below our beaches and deadly animals, as a tourist attraction. But the footage of her launching herself off a wooden ramp into a pond on rolling skis, or doing her conditioning work on a trampoline

We tend to think, this people are freaks, special, the odd 1% of the population, but the truth is, talent can only take you so far. Dedication, mental strength, preparation, determination and time is what takes them to the podium. For us ‘ordinary’ people our business is not too far away from these examples, it takes dedication, consistency and knowledge to grow and run a successful business.

There are 3 pillars to running a successful PT business:
1 – How you structure your business. This refers to the marketing and the structure of your PT sessions throughout the year. In terms of marketing, start off with free social media advertisement. Start by creating an Instagram and Facebook account and be sure to post content regularly (ideally once a day or at least 3 times a week) with photos of you sessions, behind the scenes, new equipment, inspirational quotes, workouts, etc. Be sure to add your clients as friends and also prospects. Once you master free accounts, you can them move on to paid advertisement with Facebook ads, Google adwords, etc.

2 – How you run your sessions. This refers to the workouts. Make sure you have a wide variety of workouts and drills you do to make your sessions are fun and interactive and so you don’t repeat workouts all the time. Try to incorporate different kind of workouts such as HIIT, tabata, celebrity bodies, circuits, boxing drills, etc. The last tip regarding your training sessions is to make at least one day of the week cardio boxing to add more resources to your business. This forces your participants to work in pairs and interact with one another.

3 – How you engage with your clients. This refers to the relationship you build with your clients as well as the relationship amongst your participants with each other. Be sure to arrive at your sessions at least 20 minutes beforehand to set up all the equipment and makes sure you have 5 to 10 minutes to wait for your participants as they arrive to greet them and welcome them to the session. It’s also a good idea to encourage your participants to interact with each other by introducing them to the group or by bringing up some topics that engage people to comment. This is important, otherwise, it’s likely that people will be isolated playing on their phones rather than getting to know the other participants better. If you master relationships with your clients, your retention is going to sky rocket.

During the week, we’ll go a bit more in depth into each pillar. But if you want to get all the knowledge and information you need to fun a successful PT business, be sure to check our VIP membership for just $30 a month, cancel any time.

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