The most sexist thing a Trainer can do…

The most sexist thing a Trainer can do…

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. How was your weekend? Mine was very busy… Which is a change because I’m usually quite a home body! On Saturday I went to a “Baby Shower” for the first time in my life… I’m not sure if they are a “new thing” or they used to be a thing for “women” and now men are invited… Either way it was nice and it brings me onto today’s topic… Training woman who are pre/post natal!

Now I firmly believe every Trainer should do further qualifications to train pre/post natal woman! I want to share what motivated me to do it.

When I started in the industry… Being a male in my early 20’s I avoided anything to do with pre/post natal woman… Firstly because I didn’t feel confident… But secondly and to be honest… I just brushed it off… I thought “I’m a guy… that’s never going to be my thing”… Until I read a quote somewhere…

“Most Trainers will gladly modify their sessions for clients who have knee or back injuries… but if a woman comes in with a pelvic floor issue… Trainers will just pass the buck and say that’s not their thing”

And I thought… “Damn… that’s me… and I’m acting like a misogynist”… So I booked in a pre/post natal course that day! Even though it was never going to be my speciality… and a lot of clients in that position may not feel comfortable talking me… It’s still my responsibility to know!

If you are going to be training a pregnant / post natal woman – i would strongly recommend completing a CEU course! The basics aren’t enough and if you’re not 100% certain and what to do and what not to do – it’s not fair on your client… And chances are – insurance won’t cover you anyway!

If you haven’t completed a course on pre/post natal women yet, check out our Pre Post Natal Fitness Certification – registered with both NASM and AFAA.

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