Social Media and Your Personal Training Business

Social Media and Your Personal Training Business:

Hi guys! How are you? It’s Travis here today. I’m happy it rained a bit this week, it hasn’t rained here in ages, so it was good for the garden and also provided a nice opportunity to catch up on some Netflix. I’m currently watching Luther (British cop drama) and really enjoying it, but, I’d love to hear back with any suggestions!

On Monday, we got some really exciting news! Social Media Essentials for Trainers was approved by ACE for 1CEC In the States, making it our third country! I’m sure you’re already aware of how important it is to have a handle on your social media.

If you want to grow your Bootcamp / Fitness Business, you’re going to need Social Media. Bussiness Cards, Pamphlets, Flyers, are a thing of the past. They don’t work anymore and that’s a good thing – that stuff was expensive as hell! Social Media is FREE and people use it way more often. People don’t go to the bathroom without bringing their phone in there to check their Instagram – use that to your advantage!

And to be honest, I’m probably beating a dead horse here, I’m pretty sure you KNOW the power of Social Media. I’m sure you’re not going to debate that. The issue is probably more: “I don’t know what I’m doing on Social Media, so I don’t just want to go on there and waste my time / money”!

That’s why we’ve put a course together to focus on two main things:

1) Will show you how to GROW your Social Media!
– Advantage 1: Bigger your social media, more people you can reach!
– Advantage 2: Social Proof! If someone is checking you out, they go to your Facebook Page and you’ve got 20likes… they’ll think you’re a beginner / not established… If you’re competitor has a few thousand likes they’ll assume your competitor is the expert!

2) Will show you how to CONVERT your followers to CLIENTS without spending hours of your time or needing a degree in marketing!
– Advantage 1: There’s an old saying in social media, “being famous on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly” – it looks cool and you can show off to your friends… but if it’s not being the bills what’s the point!

If you’re interested click here to find out more about our Social Media course for Personal Trainers.

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What do you think? Do you agree with the information I’ve just shared with you? Do you believe in the power of social media but don’t know how to use it for your business? Let me know in the comments down below. I’ll see you next week! Have a great weekend!