Successful Bootcamp = Taking ACTION

Successful Bootcamp = Taking ACTION!

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m excited 🙂 One of my mentors Stuart Zadel is running a 3 Day Personal Development seminar this week! It’s 9am-11pm Sat, Sun and Mon so it should be super full on! Stuart, if you haven’t seen him before is the most inspirational person I have ever seen or hear (and I listen / go to a lot of these things). His mindset is so strong that he could literally do whatever he wants to and be successful at it. One of his biggest principles is “action”… He believes the biggest reason that stops people from being successful is not lack of “education” (you can google anything for free these days) – it’s lack of action! So I want to share a story from one of his seminars that helped me change my life.

Just a warning… This story has nothing to do with running a Bootcamp… BUT you may get some ideas indirectly from it…. and it may give you an insight about why I do what I do…

It was July 2015… My first Stuart Zadel event… and one of his presenters was selling a course for $6,000 on how to “buy property at a discount”… She was a really good saleswoman and justified it by saying – “spend $6,000 with me and I’ll save you $10,000 to $20,000 when you purchase your place”. It sounded like the best deal in the world!

I was SUPER keen but I had never bought anything that expensive before. My biggest purchase was $2,000 on my car (1998 Honda Civic!). I saw the value in this course and everything made sense… But to be honest what held me back was more “what other people will think of me”… If I spent the $6,000 and didn’t gain anything I would be super upset that I wasted my money… BUT money isn’t the biggest driver for me… What would REALLY upset me is my friends and family thinking I’m an “idiot” or a “sucker” or “I’m too “gullible”… and how much smarter they are than me because they saved their money, etc, etc… So I didn’t buy the course.

I got home after the convention and thought… You know what… screw everyone else… I’ve got a goal that I want to achieve and I’m going to back myself and do this course and who cares what anyone thinks… So I called up Monday morning and purchased the course… Originally I wasn’t going to tell my friends and family because I didn’t want to hear their negative feedback… But I thought screw it… Why hide…. I’m going to be proud of my decisions… So I told my friends and family and the response was as expected… “oh wow… you spend that much…” “do you really think she’s going to teach you $6,000 worth of information”… “oh wow…that’s a big risk”.. “oh wow… Hope it works for you”.. “ow wow… hopefully you wont lose your money”… etc, etc

I did the course and it was “ok”… to be honest I was a little disappointed… I learnt a thing or two… but not what I expected for $6,000… So I went home and cried… Not so much for the money that I “wasted”… More just because I knew my friends and family were going to ask me about it and I would have to hear “I told you so”… and all the stories they were going to tell behind my back about “how dumb I was for spending $6,000 on a course”…

I woke up on Monday morning and thought “screw it”… I did learn a thing or two in this course – I’m going to implement those things and make sure they work! I’m making my money back no matter what… So I implemented everything I learnt in the course… and within a couple of weeks I found an apartment in Roselands (about 20mins from the city here in Sydney)… I was able to get it at a slight discount – not a huge discount… but with the calculations I learnt – I was getting it about $5 000 cheaper than it’s market value… So I didn’t quite get the $6,000 I spent on the course… But it was close enough…

To cut a long story short, I purchased this 2 bedroom apartment for $420,000 in July 2015. I haven’t had it re valued but knowing the Sydney housing market – my guess is it’s now worth about $500 000 – $550 000 (if not more). So that $6,000 has really made me around to $100,000 and I put all that down to action!

My friends and family think I got “lucky” because I purchased this place “before the boom”. But I know in my mind, it was because I took action!

I have no doubt in my mind that If i didn’t make that investment, I would not have purchased that property and it’s not so much about the info that I learnt, It’s more that I took action where other people wouldn’t. I purchased something super expensive that most people wouldn’t because of it’s price and then after I did the course I didn’t sit back and wait for something to happen or complain that I got ripped off. I took action and made sure I got a return on my investment!

Moral of the story: investment changed my life and that’s why I do what I do. I want to be the person who people invest their money on so that I can change their life and their business for the better which is why I really like sales. I want to be the person who motivates the person to make the change to improve their life. That’s what makes me feel good!

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