Tastes Like Dog Food!

Tastes Like Dog Food!

Hi guys! Jono here today! Happy Friday by the way! Have you heard of the dog food challenge? It’s a pretty cool story! There were two women who wanted to lose weight but kept breaking their “diet” so they became “accountability buddies” to help support each other… It didn’t really work… They would still break their diet…. because there was no real accountability… If Woman A broke her diet – she would text her friend and tell her… But the friend can’t really do anything about…

UNTIL…. They got sick and tired of breaking their diets and not getting anywhere with their health and fitness so they made a promise to each other… Whoever breaks their diet first that month has to eat a can of dog food…. Neither woman broke their diet that month and both lost weight! Not saying you should do this with your clients… but this shows the power of why having some real “accountability” can help get you results.. Sometimes it’s not good enough just to “give someone a program” and be there to support them… How can you add that extra bit of accountability to ENSURE they follow through!

Anyways… I want to share a cool Kettlebell tip with you… It’s so simple and it can make a huge difference for your clients – especially when starting off! That tip is “the sweatband”!

The thing with Kettlebells (especially as you get heavier) is that they do have a bit of weight behind them… and they are often “hard” and “cold”… If you’re holding a Kettlebell in one hand for rack squats / lunges, single arm presses and ESPECIALLY cleans – the weight of the Kettlebell can be uncomfortable… You obviously get used to it the more you do it and the better your technique – the more comfortable it’s going to be… But for someone starting off – that slight “pain” of the Kettlebell on the forearm can be enough to turn them off Kettlebell training… The easiest way to prevent this is by wearing a sweatband around the forearm!

You can get these “wrist sweatbands” for about $5 on eBay so if you’re using Kettlebells a lot in your bootcamp it’s worth recommending your clients get a pair, you keeping a few spare pairs in your kit and even purchasing a pair for your clients!

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