The Human Timer Workout

I love doing my bootcamp outside, working with the natural furniture, everyone getting a bit grubby etc.  But one of the drawbacks is sound doesn’t travel that well outside so when there is a timed aspect, it’s down to me to shout when it’s time to move the station or change the drill.  This Human Timer Workout is technically a timed station circuit but instead of using a stopwatch, we are using each member as a human timer!

Another plus for this circuit is its built around small numbers.  We all have some days when we only get 6 or 7 people to turn up so this is great to have in your collection for those days.

THE WORKOUT – 7 people (approx. 30-40 mins)

Equipment: pair of dumbbells, agility ladder, TRX, long resistance band, Kettlebell, mat, sled with rope attachment, heavy slam ball

The timer each time is one member of the group completing a series of tasks.  Now this can vary depending on fitness levels and what type of kit/surroundings you have available.  I like to use a weighted sled and a heavy slam ball for this.

So, person A drags the to them via pulling the attached rope, completed 6 ball over shoulders (3 each side), runs out the rope straight and pulls sled back up, completes 5-10 burpees, then runs rope back to start position.  However long that takes them is how long the others are doing the below stations;

Once person A returns, person B takes his/her place as the timer and everyone moves up one station and completes exercise until person B has finished. Repeat the process until everyone has been through every station and been the human timer

You can either do this workout as one round combined with a longer warmup or different workouts in the session, or you can do 2 or 3 rounds. If you did more than one round, I would consider changing the exercises.


Although it seems quite ‘kit heavy’ if you think you only need 1 or 2 of each piece of equipment its not as bad as it looks. If you are struggling for equipment then be creative with the human timer exercises, maybe use the surrounding furniture such as hills, benches, steps etc and build your own mini circuit. Obviously, the exercises for the rest of the members could just be body weight exercises.


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