The Perfect Bootcamp Workout – Multiple Chains

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Whenever I program a Bootcamp workout, I want to make sure it’s as “functional” as possible. Now “functional” is going to mean different things to different people – a “functional” workout to one individual may not be a functional workout to another individual. However in a Bootcamp setting we want to try and come up with something that will be functional to “most” people in the class and the easiest way to do that is with this formula 

  • Multiple Planes
  • Multiple Chains
  • Multiple Positions

When it comes to “planes”, most Bootcamp Instructors overdo the “sagittal plane” and rarely include exercises in the “frontal” or “transverse” plane.

When it comes to “chains” most Bootcamp Instructors overdo the “anterior” chain and rarely include exercises in the “posterior” chain.

When it comes to “position” most Bootcamp Instructors over the “standing” position. 

And the reason being… sagittal, anterior, standing exercises are really quick and easy to do in Bootcamp with no equipment… 


It may not be the functional way to train… and it’s really easy to throw a few exercises in to cater for the multiple plane, chain and position… 

In this blog I want to talk about how to make sure you’re including posterior chain exercises in your workouts!

Posterior Chain Exercises for Bootcamp

Using the posterior chain is a little harder to do if you have no equipment… So I would recommend investing in some equipment (or if you teach at a gym – using some of their equipment)… My favourite posterior chain exercises are

  1. Kettlebell Swings: if I have access to Kettlebells I will program them into pretty much every Bootcamp workout I do
  2. TRX Row: if i have access to a TRX I will program them into pretty much every Bootcamp workout I do

If I don’t have access to Kettlebells or TRX… a couple of my other go to’s are 

  1. Bodyweight Hip Thrusts (for lower body)
  2. Bodyweight Supermans (for upper body)

Note: These are just some examples… there are plenty of other options

E.g. Bent Over row variations

Resistance Band Row

Kettlebell Bent Over Row

Powerbag Bent Over Row

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Dumbbell Renegade Row

E.g Deadlift Variations

Resistance Band Deadlift

Single leg Kettlebell Deadlift

Single leg Powerbag Deadlift

Single leg Dumbbell Deadlift 

Single leg Medicine Ball Deadlift

(note: the reason i’m mentioning single leg options is because usually in a Bootcamp setting your weights won’t be heavy enough for a traditional deadlift… e.g. I can deadlift about 80-90kgs… so my deadlift a 12-16kg kettlebell won’t cut it… BUT me doing a single leg 16kg kettlebell deadlift is actually challenge because now i’m also focusing on balance / stability etc)

E.g. Band / TRX variations

Resistance Band “T’s”, “Y’s”, Pull Aparts etc

TRX “T’s”, “Y’s”, Hamstring Curls etc

Example of a Balanced Bootcamp Workout

22min AMRAP

22 Squat Variation

22 Lunges Variation

22 Kettlebell Swings

22 TRX Rows

22 Push Ups

22 Single Leg Hip Thrusts

1 x 10m Side Shuttle Run

3 Posterior Based Exercises (Swings, Rows and Hip Thrusts) and 3 Anterior Based (Squats, Lunges and Push Ups)

Or… if for whatever reason you can’t include posterior chain exercises in your major workout – you can include a 5min posterior chain ‘finisher’.. Something like 

5min Workout

30sec Single Leg Hip Thrusts (Left)

30sec Single Leg Hip Thrusts (Right)

30sec Hip Thrust Hold

30sec Superman Alternate Arm and Leg (left)

30sec Superman Alternate Arm and Leg (right)

30sec Superman “hold”

Repeat twice =  6min Posterior Chain Workout

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