The secret to success as a Personal Trainer

What is success? How do you define it? As PT’s, our success and career path is undecided.
Well, because we have to create it ourselves.
There is no managing director telling us that we have to do XY&Z to get that promotion, or that we need to
more courses to become qualified to get that other promotion.
Our biggest issue is not having a defined path and success ladder to climb, and that is simply why so many
Personal Trainers give up and fail at building a successful career and life within this industry.

Most PT’s don’t know how to build on their strengths and get support for their weaknesses.

Most PTs don’t know what’s actually important to them because they haven’t taken the time to sit down
and work it out (Most of the time it’s only what they have been told is important in life by others)

Most PTs don’t have an action plan for progressing their career, for when times are tough or for when they
simply need help in life or business.

But, from my perspective, not having a defined path can also be the biggest driving force to making the
most out of your career and business – Here’s some simple steps to get you started:

First step here is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. The fastest way to knowing your strengths
and weaknesses (and even your personality type), is through a simple personality test. I have provided my
personal favourite here >>
Do the test and save your results!

Second step is then defining what is important to you. The trick here is to be aware of what you think is
important to you, which may just be what others want you to feel is important in life.
So, grab a piece of paper and write down at the top “The top 30 important things in my life” and then write
down a list of 30 things that you feel are important to you and your life. Even take the time to ask yourself
on some points “Why do I find that important?” – you’ll find that you can go quite deep within yourself and
dig up some serious answers.

Third and final step here is writing down a series of actions steps for the following questions. Remember,
your list of action steps can involve doing something in particular like asking someone specific for help or
reading specific books or materials to find answers (Like you’re doing now!)

  1. What action steps will I take to help progress my career?
  2. What action steps will I implement for when times get tough and I need help?
  3. What action steps will I implement for when I need help or support?

These questions will guide you to paving a clear and precise road to get through any obstacle.

Remember, success isn’t reserved for the ‘elite’ people in life, it’s achieved by those who take the right
action steps towards their version of success. Don’t ever think success is the same for everyone – it isn’t.
So, find your version and pursue it!

To Your Success

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