Time flies when you’re catching up!

Time flies when you’re catching up!

Hi guys! It’s Jono from FEO. I’m at Sydney Airport waiting for my flight to Vegas! My favourite part of flying is the movies! I don’t really watch any DVD’s or go to the movies much. So flying gives me the opportunity to catch up on things! I watch 2-3 movies, catch up on some zzz’s in between movies and before I know it – I’ll be in Vegas 🙂

So I just want to continue on from Monday and the “5 4 3 2 1” workout! It’s one of my favourite workouts. The only down point is that it only goes for 14mins (maybe 20mins if you give participants a min break in-between rounds).

The solution is pretty easy. Here is a little example on how the conversation may go:
Jono: “ok well done guys… you’ve finished the 5 4 3 2 1… it’s a really tough workout so congratulations! One problem though: you did do that so well, that we did it in less than 20mins, but that’s ok. It just means we’ll do it again”
Participants: “oh what?, you didn’t tell us that!, F off etc”
Jono: “ok, ok.. I’ll be nice, we only have to do HALF of everything. So instead of 5mins we’ll do 2.5mins, instead of 4mins we’ll do 2mins… instead of 3mins we’ll do 1.5mins… but I’m keeping the 2mins and 1 min because they are short enough”There’s a couple of things going on here
a) You want the participants to give it their all in the first 14mins… If they knew they had to do it again – they would pace themselves… BUT because you didn’t tell them – they went 100% in the first 14mins and need to find that little bit extra to finish the workout
b) You’re “compromising” – if they had to do the whole thing again – mentally 1/2 of them would tune out… BUT because they only have to do half.. They know they can do it!

It’s key to do this regularly in your Bootcamp Workouts. Come up with workouts that “look like they have finished” and then throw that little bit extra in! You don’t want to do it EVERY session because then your participants will expect it. But you do want to do it regularly 🙂

There’s one more “key” component to this workout that I’ll share on Friday

In the meantime… If you want more tips on how to get the most out of your bootcamp sessions, then you’re in luck. See below 🙂
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