Top two ways to use Facebook Groups

Top two ways to use Facebook Groups:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today and I’m feeling good ๐Ÿ™‚ we filmed a really cool live video on our Facebook group about “Common Bootcamp Problems: What to do when hardly anyone turns up”… I’m pretty passionate about this topic. We also posted this video live in our Community Facebook Group, if you’re not a member click here to join now.

So the most common question I get asked about Social Media is “Facebook Groups”… and I love these questions because “Facebook Groups” is actually my speciality :)! If you need any growing a Facebook Group or getting interaction in there – I can help!

Anyways… The most common question is I’ve got a closed Facebook Group. Should this be just for just my clients? Or should I just invite everyone into the Facebook Group? Friends… Leads… Ex Clients… etc”
My answer is – “you should have TWO Facebook Groups”

a) A “community” Facebook Group: This is where you add EVERYONE (except your current clients)… ex-clients, leads, prospects, friends of friends, anyone that inquiries… The goal of this group is to get people to “know, like and trust you”… Post a couple live videos in there a week giving “tips” and encourage people to participate and ask questions so you can answer! The bigger you build this group – the larger your “reach” and more potential clients you have! E.g. say you’re running a 12 Week Challenge… Hang back after training a couple nights / mornings a week and take a live video sharing some tips… By the time Week 12 comes around – you can really “push” / “sell” your program and people will be keen because they’ve been following for you 12 weeks!

b) A “VIP” Facebook Group: This is JUST for your clients… As soon as someone stops paying you – they get removed the group. This is where you build community, accountability, support and motivation! “Community” is key in this group – which is why you only want your PAYING clients! If you’ve got a group with everyone in it – people will be less vulnerable / likely to share things… BUT if the group only contains the people you see every day at Bootcamp – they will be more likely to the share! “Accountability” is also key here – which is where you run all your little challenges (e.g. walking challenge, planking challenge, recipe sharing comp etc)!
So bottom line… Set up two completely different groups ๐Ÿ™‚ And use those groups – completely differently!

If you missed our live video in our community Facebook group about “The common Bootcamp issue: what to do when you have low numbers”, watch the video below:

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