Travis: My Story

Travis: My Story

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. As you may or may not know, I come from an education and PT background. I’m a qualified primary school teacher and Personal Trainer. You might wonder how those 2 worlds coexist and the answer is very simple, I just love teaching, whether it’s maths, physical activity and healthy life choices to kids or adults the same.

As a personal trainer I started out with one on one sessions, working at a gym, them moving to the world of Bootcamp training which was way different and more challenging than I thought when I first started. I love functional training so much as well, and from the very beginning I knew I wanted to incorporate that to my Bootcamp as much as possible. Some Personal Trainers feel that participants won’t appreciate it or even be able to master the technique and they also fear injuries, people quitting Bootcamp or simply getting bored with the typical circuit training. I made this my personal life pursue, to develop techniques and shortcuts on how to teach functional training to beginners like powerbags, medballs, kettlebells, resistance bands, suspension trainers, battleropes, etc. I realized that knowing how to do it yourself is not enough, you need to master the art of teaching as much as the exercise itself with progression and regressions to cater for all participants in your sessions.

I also needed my CECs to renew my accreditation and I did what most trainers do, including my good mate and colleague Mr. Jono himself, take 2 days off work, spend a lot of money and spend a whole day or 2 not doing or learning much. The teacher in me was dying and urging me to take action. I felt the need to give Personal Trainers more value for the courses we pay for. The need to change the mentality of spending money to investing money and learning.

I would have paid a lot of money 10 years ago when I was starting out to get and apply all the information we have acquired over the years. Jono and I combined forces and we put into practice what we have learnt over the years and our Bootcamp skyrocketed. We started making more money than we thought possible, participants loved functional training and even got their own equipment and keep wanting more and more today.

With Jono we’re passionate about what we do, the courses we produce and the tremendous contribution we’ve done to our community. If you wish to get ahead and learn step by step how to run the number 1 Bootcamp, check out this incredible program that we have put together for you here.

It’s a program like nothing else out there… It’s tailored to anyone that wants to make Bootcamp their thing and have that as their number 1 source of income… We work with you step by step for 12 weeks to help you grow your Bootcamp and you get access to everything we’ve learnt in our Bootcamp journey!