The truth behind “Free Giveaways”

The truth behind “Free Giveaways”

Hi guys, it’s Jono here today. So I went to church on the weekend for the first time in ages… My grandmother was super religious and she passed away 10 years ago so my family went to church to remember her… She used to take me to church when I was a kid and I\ used to hate it because the whole sermon was in Greek (I don’t speak Greek) so i couldn’t understand anything… But i think now the Church has updated with the times a bit because this weekend some of the sermon was in English… and the priest mentioned this quote which i found super interesting… “True happiness when occurs when you do something for someone else purely out of the goodness of your heart and don’t expect anything in return”… And i loved that! And too be honest… I’m a big fan of karma so i’m pretty confident that if you use that attitude – things will come back to you anyway… Whereas if you’re just doing it because you want something back – things will be less likely to come back to you…

Another cool story i read in a book the other day… There was this experiment… Where two strangers were in a room together and and had sit an exam for 20mins… At the end of the exam “Person A” had to ask “Person B” to buy a $10 raffle ticket for his sons school function… 9/10 times Person B said no… BUT with one subtle change… The odds were reversed and 9/10 times Person B said yes and bought the $10 ticket…. That subtle change was this… Mid way through the exam, Person A went outside an bought 2 bottles of water, one for himself and one for Person B… He gave Person B the water bottle and said “Hey, i was thirsty… i figured i’d get you one incase you were thirsty”… Just by doing this subtle change – at the end of the exam when Person B was asked they were now 9/10 times more likely to buy the ticket! Even though the water cost $2 and the raffle ticket was $10! Person A – didn’t “expect” the person to buy the ticket… and Person A didn’t say “hey, i’m going to buy you a water buy then you have to buy a ticket”… Person A – just did it…

To bring these stories back to a Bootcamp / Personal Training setting… Give away stuff for free… Even if a prospect says they are not going to join your because “I’ll think about it”, “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have time”… All the usual bullshit excuses… Say “hey… all good! I still really want to help you out – so here’s a free copy of my at home booty workouts”… Sooner or later it’s going to come back to you!

The easiest thing to give away for free is an “electronic product” / “eBook” because it takes you absolutely no extra effort or time (because you’ve already done the work) and the prospect can get huge benefit out of it! That’s part of the reason why i believe every Trainer should have a multitude of electronic products / eBooks that they can use to add value / give away for free!

If you don’t have any electronic products / eBooks yet i strongly recommend registering for our VIP program! We’re running a challenge in there THIS WEEK – that shows you step by step how to put together an at home “Booty Workout eBook” and “Online Program”… AND – you also get our unbranded copy for FREE! So if you don’t have the time to put one together yourself – you can literally just swipe ours – put your logo on it and then use it as your free give away!

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