Once upon a time… My Bootcamp Success Story

Once upon a time… My Bootcamp Success Story:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. Going back to the seminar I attended last week, one thing I loved about it is it gave me an opportunity to tell my story, which I haven’t done for a while and it actually felt quite good, so I thought I’d share it with you.

When I started in the Bootcamp Game, I sucked. I was SO bad, I used to work in a big Bootcamp Franchise. There were 75 locations across Australia and New Zealand and you’d be ranked based on your “rejoins”, how many of your clients would continue training with you and I was always ranked 75th… Dead last…

The worst part is I used to come up with all these excuses why. Such as “they don’t teach you how to run a bootcamp in your Cert IV, they need to change the system and add it in” or “it’s the area I’m in, there’s too much competition”.

Then I started doing some Personal Development and the biggest message I got out of Personal Development was “the situation that you’re in, is nobody else’s fault but your own”. As soon as you stop blaming other people or things and stop coming up with excuses and start accepting responsibility for why you’re in the position you’re in, your life will start to change.

So I took that on board and thought “You know what I’m going to stop blaming the people who didn’t teach me and stop blaming the area I’m in and actually do something about it and make sure i run the best Bootcamp in the world.”

So I booked myself into every single course out there that “claimed” to help me run a better Bootcamp. Some of them were AWESOME, some were GOOD, some were OK and some SUCKED… but as a whole, I learnt so much! I went from consistently coming 75th, to consistently being ranked in the top 10.

I then actually started to believe that the only thing limiting me was myself. The more effort I put into my education, the better I become at running Bootcamps. I realized there are two types of people:
– Successful people: the ones that know they can’t possibly know everything and put consistent effort into improving their craft.
– Unsuccessful people: the ones that think they already know “enough” and the reason they’re not successful is because of something else or someone else, and they think the people that are successful are just “lucky”.

Once I realised this, I knew which person I wanted to be. I’d complete every single specific Bootcamp training program out there to ensure I knew everything there is to know to take me to the next level. I completed courses in Kettlebells, Suspension, Battleropes, Online Personal Training, Pregnant, Post Natal, Kids, Boxing, Powerbags, Medballs, Social Media, Nutrition, etc, etc…

To cut a long story short, this enabled me to consistently rank number 1 in the Franchise over many years and I simply put this down to dedicating myself to learning everything I could and trying my best.

And from a financial side of things, I knew that every dollar I spent on education, I would make back 10 fold!

The important thing is though, I had to invest the money first. I used to think “oh when I’m super successful and have the money, I’ll do this course”. I realised however, it doesn’t work like that. You need to invest the money first which in turn makes you successful (because you’re doing the things others aren’t). You then make it back plus more and that’s how you become successful.

Anyways… That’s my story 🙂 If you want to get 5 Tips to Grow Your Bootcamp for FREE click here.